Soul in the Season

Spring 2011
Spring clean the entire house.
Celebrate Easter with Breakfast with the Easter Bunny, coloring Easter eggs, and having an egg hunt.
Start and maintain a fitness routine.
Read 2 books.
Plant an herb garden.
Place birdhouses.
Buy fresh flowers (tulips if possible) for the table.
Do something in celebration of May Day.

Winter 2011

Enjoy an afternoon/evening/sometime when the kids are sleeping by the fire reading a book.
I did a little reading this winter, finishing this book and starting this one, but I didn't have a chance to really just sit and read.  To waste a few hours with my nose in a book.  I miss those days. You can bet this will be on my list again next year.

Take Keaton sledding {read here}.

Do something special in celebration of St. Nick's Day {read here}, St. Lucia {read here}, and Valentine's Day {read here}.  When I wrote this list I thought my Spring list would be completed before St. Patrick's Day, but it wasn't.  Read about our St. Patty's Day celebration here.

Go snowshoeing, pull the kids behind us in a sled.
{it wasn't quite the trail adventure I'd hoped for, but I did get those snowshoes on and for that I'm grateful.  Read here}

Go cross country skiing
{this we did not do. this will go on back on the list next year.}

Make hot chocolate.
{We did.  And Keaton LOVED it. Okay, we all loved it. Read here.}

Make white chicken chili and corn bread for a weekend dinner.
{Loved this recipe.  Can't wait to make it again next year. Read here.}

Fall 2010
Take the boys to the apple orchard and make apple sauce, apple crisp, and apple cinnamon muffins[unfortunately our apple orchard trip was canceled as it was planned before Hutton's hernia surgery and he was having a very bad weekend in the car.  We were able to get some apples late in the season to make a couple batches of apple sauce and one apple crisp but not nearly as much as we had planned].

Make caramel apples with Papa and Busha [read about it here].

Go to the pumpkin patch [read about our trip here] and carve pumpkins [read about it here].

Make the kids Halloween costumes [I didn't end up making them myself, but you can read about the boys' costumes and our Trick or Treat here].

Take pictures during fall colors. [read about our adventure here]

Make pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and bring a batch into work. [We did have one batch of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins in this house but my mom actually made them.  And I didn't get around to bringing any in to work.  Next year!]

Come up with an "activity" for the kids on Thanksgiving and continue our Thankful Tree tradition from last year [We continued our Thankful Tree tradition, you can see Justin reading the cards in one of my Thanksgiving pictures. I did not come up with an activity for the kids on the Thanksgiving because Kira and I had gotten together with another friend, Amanda, the weekend before that and made Thanksgiving crafts. This is a tradition I hope to continue!]

Make Kim's Salsa Pumpkin Soup [made and strongly suggest you make it too, here].

Try a new kind of squash. [I wasn't able to try a new squash this year, see canceled apple orchard trip above.]
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