Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Goodnight October

I got all of these pictures loaded and the post titled last night and then.... the baby woke up.  Unfinished. Undone. Untended. Pretty accurately depicts my life these days (and this space is no different). The past few weeks have been a complete blur. Collin is nearing the finish line with the house he is building and has been working around the clock (I think he logged 200 hours in 2 weeks time). But with the flip of the calendar I always feel like we have hit a bit of a reset button. So while I'm lamenting the fact that in just a few short days my baby turns ONE I'm also rejoicing that October has been put to bed. 

Goodnight, October. 

Good morning, November

Maybe, if luck will have it, I'll see you around here more in the weeks to come.