Wednesday, February 3, 2016

An Early Spring

Wild Kratts is ruining my children's ability to mindlessly celebrate the ridiculous holiday known as Groundhog's Day.

"They aren't really coming up to check the weather, Mom." The 7-year old said after I dramatically tried to mimic a groundhog during dinner yesterday.

"The Easter Bunny?" Collin asked...clearly I was never destined to be a theater major, but c'mon! It's February 2nd! I hold my hands behind my head and stick my front teeth over my bottom lip while frantically scrunching my nose....we all know it's a groundhog, amirite?


Anyway, you know the proper way to celebrate Groundhog's day, right?  If not, let me tell you: brownies and milano cookies.

Okay, okay, along with some frosting, butterscotch chips, pine nuts, and almonds but mostly, BROWNIES and milano cookies. Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownies, preferably. If you let the kids make their own groundhogs it's probable they will end up looking a bit deranged but don't worry, THE BROWNIES WILL STILL TASTE GOOD!

In case you missed it in Keaton's groundhog picture (he strategically placed himself to capture the tv in the background) THIS is what was on freeze frame for hours on end at our house yesterday. Apparently, even though they know the real reason groundhogs pop out of their holes, they were still disappointed in my lack of Groundhog Day decorations.

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Jill said...

Oh this is awesome...I just LOVE it! I actually searched your blogs yesterday to find your pudding groundhogs from a couple years ago! (Hannah and I made them for dessert last night!) And to my delight, we found your pancake groundhogs in the same post, so then we HAD to make those for dinner too!! :)

Really wishing right now that you would've posted a video or at least a freeze frame of yourself impersonating the groundhog!!! :) Glad you had a happy groundhog (or "brownhog" as Will calls it!) day!