Wednesday, February 24, 2016

an anniversary

On Monday we celebrated the anniversary of Keaton's baptism.

This is something we were good about doing with the kids when they were young and we've been really terrible at doing the last few years. And speaking of terrible, I did a terrible job at frosting the back side of this cake. This, top-layer-is-about-to-slide-off, cake.  Ah well, cake is cake, it matters less what it looks like and more about how it tastes, right? (It's already gone, so I think it tasted okay.)

We all gathered around the table, brought out his baptism photo, found a white candle to light, and sang the "Happy Birthday" song except used the words "Baptism Anniversary" which doesn't work all that well but Keaton didn't care, it was a special day and a special cake made for him and he was beaming none-the-less.

Then he opened his little gift, a hand painted St. Francis of Assisi, his very favorite saint, the patron saint of animals and the ecology (would you expect this nature-lover to pick a different saint?) He asked for this for his birthday and I had ordered it but once it arrived decided to hold on to it for this occasion instead. I think that was a good decision.  Keaton was thrilled and it made this special day just a bit more special.

Isn't he just beautiful?  When I opened up the package he took my breath away; I think he is even prettier in person than in this photo.  He was custom made from In the Loft on Etsy.

Back in 2009, I wrote about Keaton's baptism day here.

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