Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tea Time with Mom


If you've had a chance to follow along over at The Sunlit Path then you already know our big news for the year, we've decided to take a shot a homeschooling the boys. I know everyone's big questions are why? and how? and I hope to write more about that in the coming weeks/months but suffice it to say there is no grand reason WHY, nothing was wrong with the school they were attending, in fact, we loved their school, and the teachers, and their friends, but ultimately we felt like we were being called to do this. HOW will we accomplish it?  Well, honestly, we don't know other than to take it day-by-day.

At the encouragement of some other homeschooling Mama's I started a Tea & Poetry time with the boys this month. For Christmas Santa brought Stella the book A Child's Garden of Verses, poems by Robert Louis Stevenson illustrated by Tasha Tudor.  I think I'm actually doing this as much for me as I am for them, maybe more so.  First off, I looooove Tasha Tudor so this particular book is right up my alley, plus I got a new tea pot for my birthday and I love to hear her sing, but mostly, I've always struggled with poetry so starting from scratch, one poem at a time, has given me a chance to appreciate the beauty in it.

The boys love Tea & Poetry time. And by love I mean the other day when Nolan was helping me get the glasses ready and just as the tea pot was about to whistle I heard the older two, who were busy playing cars, say "We're having tea time, I don't like tea." And his big brother answered, "I don't either, you just have to gulp it down."


They might not like tea but they do like cookies so they still jumped right up at that table when I called.  And you know what, when I asked them to tell me a few things about the poem we were reading that week, Winter-Time, they could tell me details that I honestly didn't think they'd remember AND they could tell me details that Robert Louis Stevenson didn't even tell me, like that it was about a boy who "poops in the toilet."

I don't know if this is as big of a thing with girls, but why to boys always have to bring it back to poop?

On that note, I don't quite know how to wrap this up so here, here is a picture of Stella.


Em said...

What a fun thing to institute! I love the idea. I also love your new teapot and the book of verses! So fun. It makes me smile to see how you're going about making your homeschooling days special. :) Hi, Stella Bea!

Jill said...

Cute idea! If you're interested, Jack Prelutsky has some fun poetry books for kids. I saw him speak in Ottawa, IL once when we were in grade school and bought a couple of his books at the program. He has themed poetry, so there are some for holidays too. I still have the books I got then and Ben, Emma, and Han got out my Valentine-themed book the other day and they just crack up!!

(I also love the boys interpretation of the verses! I don't know why, but I do know what you mean!)

Also loving Stella's gorgeous picture at the end of this is she getting that big so fast?! Slow down, girl! So Sweet!