Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dear Stella: 1 Month

Dear Stella,

Let’s just discuss the elephant in the room right now, shall we?  You are now six weeks old….okay, fine you are now a tad bit over six weeks old and I am just now sitting down to write this letter.  Your first month was very busy; not from other activities that took us away from home but just from normal, everyday activities that required us to stay on top of a rigid schedule - your brothers’ various pickups and drop-offs at school, homework, etc. Sadly, you spent a great amount of time during your first month in the car.

While I wish we could have spent your first few weeks spending more quiet time at home, we still managed to sneak in some precious one-on-one time together, which usually happened during and following your feedings.  I forgot how nursing a newborn requires a great deal of focus and concentration and I learned early on that you did the best when we were in your nursery in the rocking chair.  While this meant having to get out of bed during your nighttime feedings it also meant getting to escape the chaos of your three brothers during the day – this is probably a great first life lesson: you win some, you lose some.  But mommy wasn’t the only one that liked to retreat to your room every now and then.  I can’t tell you how many times I saw your dad willingly pick you up when you were crying and quietly head back there. He would be back there for so long that I always assumed he had fallen asleep himself; but no, he just enjoyed rocking you in the quiet and couldn’t bear to put you down even when you were sound asleep.


From the moment you were born our entire family instantly fell in love with you. Over Thanksgiving Mimi stayed at our house for a week and she was quickly smitten with you and if you know your Mimi then you know this is kind of a big deal – she has self professed that she is not normally a “baby person.” But when you cried she ran because she just couldn’t bear to see you upset.  Busha also loves you to pieces. At Thanksgiving she was holding you but I think was feeling a bit guilty that no one else was getting to snuggle you so she handed you off, but when you were sound asleep and someone was about to set you back in your bouncer she immediately said: Don’t set her down! If everyone was done, then she would gladly take you back.  Besides your grandparents the hearts I think you captured the most were those of your big brothers.  Every. Single. One.  Of. Them.  They are so in love with their Baby Stella; their precious little sister.  Keaton writes about you in his journal at school, Hutton is constantly asking to hold you, and Nolan makes sure that every stranger who asks knows that your name is not just Stella but Stella Beatrice. Yes, Little Girl, you have three doting big brothers and you have rounded out our family just perfectly.


At one month old you weighed in at 9 pounds 6 ounces (46%) and were 21.25 inches long (47%) and were wearing newborn sized clothes. If I could keep you this small forever, I would but sadly you are growing quickly. You have been a very good eater and put on two whole pounds since birth!  Although you are a champion spitter and projectile after most feedings your pediatrician is not too worried since you have been gaining weight so nicely. You spent the first few weeks sleeping great for us, waking me up only two times during the night.  Unfortunately at about the 2 or 3 week mark you started being pretty fussy in the evenings after your 8 pm feeding and have been screaming for a few hours every night.  I remember one of your brothers being like this too and I know you will outgrow it but your dad and I have had to do some tag teaming as both of us came down with a cold from lack of sleep. 


Miss Stella, you love to be snuggled and you hate baths. You have blue eyes and chubby cheeks and your hair is dark in some places and light in others. You do pretty well in the car and when you cry your brothers sing your name to you until you quiet down.  You are known around here as Baby Stella, Stella Bea, Stella Bella, and Stella Bell and you are loved so, so much.  Thank you, Little One, for joining us – I don’t know what we did without you.

I love you to pieces,


Amanda said...

Your kids are going to cherish these letters. You have an amazing way with words. Love you!

Em said...

Better late than never, Mama. Love your first letter to Stella. ::tears::

Jill said...

What a great summary - just love your month posts! Isn't it funny how such a little person can capture your heart in such a short time that it makes it hard to remember life without them?! So glad for all of you and love that her big brothers dote on her! :) Thanks for sharing!