Thursday, December 17, 2015

1-mo Name that Baby Answers

Did you guess correctly??

I'm currently typing with one hand as I hold a sleeping baby because about 8 to 11 pm (or midnight. Or LATER) is Stella's fussy time. Though you wouldn't know it based on how peaceful she looks right this second.  But I'm no fool, she will likely be screaming again soon.  I wouldn't mind it so much but I'm sick right now (and I know it is due to lack of sleep) and staying up late is so, so hard when all you want to do is crash and crash hard.

Totally random tid-bit: today I cleaned our bedroom.  Well, actually yesterday I dusted and decluttered and today I washed the floors and all of the bedding, but anyway.... it is currently my favorite room in the house! I love when a room is clean! And I also got to cross something off the to-do list, so that felt good.  I also wrapped one Christmas gift tonight, another check off the list!

Tomorrow morning we have to be up bright and early to take the two little boys to have a minor surgery/procedure.  Would you keep them in your prayers?  Hutton is scared and I'm dreading sending them off with the look of fear in their faces.  I know those looks and I know they are going to break my heart.  Just hoping that things so smoothly and they are able to recover quickly.

More soon!

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