Monday, September 28, 2015

Baby Kono IV: 32 / 33 Week Update

32 Weeks
32 Weeks!  Actually, I'm closer to 33 weeks at this point (tomorrow!!)!  Five or six weeks ago I was very worried we weren't going to make it this far. I was afraid we were potentially looking at a micro-premie with a long hospital stay.  I was worried about her health, how it would affect the boys, and (selfishly) having to go back to work before the holidays. One of the reasons I have always wanted to make it to October 9th is because, if I'm calculating correctly, I'll be off of work for the remainder of the year. There are a couple of other reasons too, obviously, (one of which I'll share with you after her birth) but being home over the holidays has been a big motivator.

Since my update at 31 weeks there really hasn't been much change - I've been holding steady at just 2 cm dilated.  Today my doctor said, "you're going to make it to 34 weeks! That's awesome!"

Although that's not to say I've been feeling awesome all this time. I mean, I have good days; today I feel great! But if you saw me on Saturday evening you would have expected a birth announcement within hours.  I was having contractions that night that were, at some points, only 5 minutes apart.  I could hardly walk and I was so, so uncomfortable. Yesterday I went grocery shopping and was cringing and breathing through contractions as I unloaded my cart onto the belt; I could tell that other patrons were keeping their distance.  I think this is largely due to how low she is; when he checks me he can feel her head  and because I love you guys so much I asked for some photographic evidence to show you:

Unfortunately I'm not working with a real high tech photo editing software here so I'll have to kind of walk you through this.....right below the label "cervix" is what's left of my cervix - which is basically nothing, I don't even think it is measurable at this point.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of it weeks ago to show you are comparison but at one point this was nice and long. That white semi-circle thing is her skull. Here's a stock picture that I think is from Baby Center that shows you what a cervix can look like:

See how long it is in this picture?  The shortening, or thinning, of the cervix is effacement, which he has told me is the hardest part of labor.  It is all making sense now why my labors are so quick, because I'm already completely effaced all my cervix has to do is dilate (or open) once my water breaks or labor contractions start.

Since I know you love looking at pictures of my cervix here's another one!

You're looking at basically the exact same thing as the first photo but do you notice how the white semi-circle of her skull has little spikes on it? THAT'S HAIR! Is that not cool???

Okay, we're done with cervix pictures....

It's nearly impossible to get a good look at her face these days because she is just so low; and by so low I mean that little ultrasound wand has to be in my private region in order to catch a glimpse of these cheeks:

OMG, can you even stand that??  Look at those cheeks!  I sent Ember a message this afternoon that said, "I'm not worried about her head, how am I going to push out those cheeks?"  I went back and looked at some newborn pictures of the boys and I don't think any of them had this chubby of cheeks.  I can't wait to see who she looks like because right now I have no clue.

Some other random updates:

  • The boys are now so used to mom's contractions and need for space/quiet/no touching during them that they now preface each request with, "Mom, are you contracting?" before asking their question.
  • They refer to my water breaking as my "bubble popping": "Mom, when your bubble pops...." or "Oh my gosh, Mom, I thought your bubble just popped."
  • My bag is packed!  Packed, packed, packed!  The car seat is also all cleaned up and just needs the cover put back on.  I still don't know where the bassinet is at....or my breast pump...I guess I still have some work do to.
  • Things I'm dreaming about: A full body massage, a pedicure, a glass of wine, a second glass of wine, sushi, turning over in bed without having to rearrange 8 million pillows, no longer needing to prop myself up to sleep to avoid acid reflux, another glass of wine, FINE! A BOTTLE OF WINE!
  • To close this lovely post here is a fun 32-week comparison picture of me with all four kids:

Thank you for all of your continued thoughts and prayers, we know - without a doubt - that's why she has stayed put this long.  


CAS said...

Yeah!! Literally everyday that passes, I do a little... Thank you God !!!! And then pray some more for her to stay put!!! Praying you make it to October 9th!!! It is in sight now!! Love the update, especially the boys statements !!

Em said...

Awwww! Okay, I have to admit, I shed a few tears looking at that comparison photo of you with your four 32-week baby bumps. Something about seeing those precious babies not long before they came into the world just gets me!

I love the boys referring to your water breaking as your bubble popping...what a visual! It made me smile.

I just can't get over those cheeks! Squee!

So thankful for answered prayers and you making it thus far. Go Mama...go Stella! Too strong and determined Kono women. :)

Xoxo to you both!

Sarah said...

Thank you for such a great update! I was nervous not reading an update lately but Little Stella is staying put! And by that photo growing really well! So excited that you and Stella have made it this far, a few more weeks will be nothing! You've got this!!!!