Thursday, August 27, 2015

Baby Kono IV: 28 Weeks

28 weeks! We are officially in the third trimester and it is officially hitting me just how soon this little girl is likely going to make her arrival.  Even if we make it to my own personal goal date of October 9th that's still only six weeks away.  Six weeks!

I just had to go back and read where we were at the last time I updated here so here's a brief recap:

24 weeks - cervical length was 1.9 cm; cervix closed
25 weeks - cervical length was 1.7 cm; cervix closed
26 weeks - cervical length was 1.4 cm; cervix closed

Because at this point I was under 1.5 cm I got the first of a two-set injection of steroids to help develop her lungs. These injections are awful, awful, awful! The nurses all apologized before sending me to a room to wait for the pharmacy to send the meds up.  I forgot just how bad these were and the burn, OMG the buuuuuurn. 

I didn't post an update here last week, but if you are on Facebook then you probably already saw that at my 27 week appointment I got some not so great news.  My cervical length was down to 1.2 cm, which is about what I expected, but we also discovered that I was now dilated to 1 cm.

I know it is only 1 cm and I know women walk around for weeks at 1 cm but I still spent the last week pretty worried about what it all means.  I'm still under no restrictions and there is no plan in place but when I mentioned being worried about having a baby in the car my doctor did say that if I were to get to 2-3 cm dilated (I assume he means this early) then I would likely be admitted to the hospital.  So it hasn't even been so much worried about actually having her as much as worried about having be be away from home for an extended period of time before I have her.  I just know that would be so hard on the boys.  

The good news, no Great News!, is that this week, at 28-weeks, I am still only dilated to 1 cm and my cervical length has actually stabilized a bit.  This week it was 1.6 cm, longer than it has been the last two weeks!! 

This is the best news we could have gotten this week and I am so grateful.  

In other updates, the acid reflux has been terrible again lately and I've also been battling some pregnancy insomnia again.  The weekly progesterone injections are starting to bother me, my hips are just shot from being poked so much and have started bruising and bleeding and itching and knotting. But! while contractions are starting to get a bit stronger they are still not regular and generally I'm feeling pretty good. Little Stella is moving around a ton lately and its fun to watch my belly move. The other day Nolan got real up real close and said "Hi, I'm No-win. I yuv you." and she kicked him in the cheek.  

She's still being pretty stubborn for the doctor but we have been getting glimpses of her taking respirations and practicing swallowing. This week she cooperated much better than normal, but was not at all photogenic, so unfortunately I don't have an ultrasound pic to share.  She is currently estimated at 2 1/2 lbs. 

Oh, the only other thing is my fluid levels have been high the past several weeks.  I learned this week that it could be due to her urinating a lot or it could be due to her intestines narrowing, although they aren't high enough to be really concerned of the latter, he did say it will be something she will be checked for after birth.  

Oh! Oh! and I passed my 1-hr glucose test.  I failed this with the first two boys and had to take the 3-hour test and oh my gosh, not. fun. So I was so happy to hear I passed!

I think that's about it. One day, one week at at time, that's my motto right now and I'm so hopeful I still have several weeks to go. #stayputstella


Jill said...

FANTASTIC UPDATE!! So glad to hear that little Stella is staying put! :) And No-win...awww..such a cutie! (Love that she's holding her own with them even before she's here!) Keeping you and baby Stella in my thoughts and prayers for a few more weeks of baking! :) Love you!

Em said...

Oh my heart...that is about the sweetest thing ever ("Hi, I'm No-win...I wuv you."). And then to have Stella kick him in the cheek? Priceless. A perfect foreshadowing of siblings interactions to come! :) I'm still so thankful for your great news this week, hon, but oh your poor hips. :( Also glad to hear they think she's about 2 1/2 lbs. She's doing great, Mama, and so are you! xoxo

CAS said...

So happy to hear this!!! Stay put Stella at least until October. Your doing great Momma! She is going to be so spoiled by those big brothers of her. Love Nolans comment.