Tuesday, July 28, 2015

To the Beach!



A couple of weeks ago I was on Facebook commenting on a friend's SUP picture when she responded "What are you doing tomorrow?" At exactly that same moment my phoned dinged and in came a message from another friend asking "Want to go to the beach tomorrow?" I knew these two friends went to the beach together and I had to laugh at their timing.  And say YES! of course.

The next morning I got up early to run to the store before Collin headed out the door to work to get some supplies for lunch and snacks.  I came home, packed us up and thrust my fist into the air as I said to the boys: To the Beach! (which, of course, was answered by cheers and hoots and hollers.)

I've been so stressed out lately with this pregnancy and the thought of having to be on bed rest and not getting all the things done.  You know all those things, right?  Because I'm afraid I'm already in nesting mode and I want all of these rooms cleaned and decorated before October (October 9th is my own personal goal date. Ideally, obviously, I'd like to go longer.)

A day in the sun and sand was exactly what we all needed.  The boys had a ball jumping off of the dock. Climb, run, jump, swim. Climb, run, jump, swim. Climb, run, jump, swim.  They did this for, literally, hours.  

While I'm not a big swimmer, I even got in the water to help Nolan jump off the dock and ENJOYED IT.  My worries and stressers seemed to drift away with each lapping wave and I'm so grateful for the invite.  Thank you, Becky & Meg, this was one of my favorite days this summer.

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Megan Passarella said...

Awe! You are so welcome! Just read this now!