Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Big Camping Trip

At the beginning of the summer we asked each one of the boys to tell us one thing they'd like to do this summer.  Keaton picked going on a picnic and Hutt picked camping. To be honest, I don't remember what Nolan picked - sorry 3rd child!!

Two weekends ago we fulfilled Hutton's summer wish. In the week leading up to our Big Camping Trip the boys were crazy excited! It's all they talked about all week and each day they'd come home from Busha's with a list of items they needed to pack or ideas of activities they were going to entertain themselves with or treats (popcorn and licorice, supplied by Papa).  

When the big day finally arrived Keaton was up early getting all of his things ready.  And if you know Keaton then you know when I say all of his things I mean ALL OF HIS THINGS. This child is a....pack rat might be a nice term.  He has things, is what I'm saying.  Lots of things.

"Mom, I'm ready to go." He told me bright and early. 

"I'm going to drive my tractor." And sure enough there was his tractor sitting in the garage with a purple winter sled attached and packed, all ready to go.  

"I've got my headlamp and a water bottle, a soccer ball - in case we want to play soccer -, a baseball and all of our gloves and bats, because we might want to play baseball while we are there. And Jingle. Jingle is coming too. Oh, and I brought a tarp to cover my tractor in case it rains. And some paving blocks to hold the tarp down."

He was ready alright, and by the sounds of it we were headed to a neighboring state.

In actuality.....we were headed to the backyard:

They had a blast though.  We cooked hamburgers over the fire for dinner on Saturday night then had a bonfire at the neighbors before retiring to bed. On Sunday morning we got up to have breakfast over the fire before church.  Keaton insisted on NOT coming in the house for the weekend. We were CAMPING.

For Collin and I it was most definitely a test run. We lost all of our camping gear in the fire and while we've repurchased some of it we needed to see what else was a necessity before we ventured out for a weekend of real camping.  The boys didn't care, they were just excited to be sleeping outside in a tent. 

I'm not sure that "real" trip will happen this summer, pregnancy sleeping is already uncomfortable enough without the added bonus of sleeping on a blow-up mattress. I should point out that by "we" what I really mean is Collin and the two big boys slept outside in the tent.  Nolan was planning to but when it came time to shut off the flashlights and zip up for the night he came scurrying back to me: "Me sleep with you, Mom." But soon, soon enough that trip will happen, and to be perfectly honest I think I'm just as excited about it as they are.


Em said...

Oh my goodness, Keaton, you crack me up! (And it reminds me so much of Lucy!) Loved reading about the Big Camping Trip and all the excitement leading up to it. Sooo cute.

Amanda said...

Those are the BEST memories to make :)