Friday, July 31, 2015

Baby Kono IV: 24 Weeks

24 weeks
The other night Collin and I had a rare moment of just the two of us, no kids, watching television.

Okay, fine, it was the Bachelorette finale, if you must know. Hey, don't look at me with those judgey eyes and while we're on the topic, let's just talk about that finale real quick.  Am I just being completely naive to think Kaitlyn and Shawn might actually make it?   It's been several years since I've been into watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette but in the last few months I've (we've, he probably doesn't want me admitting it on here, but usually Collin is watching with me) watched TWO seasons. Trashy tv, welcome back to our home! Anyway, what do you think?  Do they have a shot??

While we were enjoying our viewing Collin felt the baby kick for the very first time.  I was trying to explain to him just what it feels like to have a child inside of you and the best I could come up with is that it feels like some sort of alien life form that is trying to take over your body. I mean, a beautiful alien life form but let's be honest, it also feels a bit weird.  The kicks alone are awesome and cute and wonderful but the body rolls?  Those are just bizarre feeling. And wonderful, but bizarre. Anyway, on with our update....
  • I can tell she is getting bigger because I've been feeling a lot more movement in the past two weeks.  
  • Like Nolan, most of the time she is sitting low, low, low.  See where my hand is in that picture up there?  That's where I feel her the majority of the time.  In fact, in order to really feel her from the outside I have to pull an Al Bundy. You're welcome for that little tid bit!
  • I've been feeling generally pretty good these last couple of weeks, with the exception of a couple of acid reflux flare-ups, a few days of bad dreams, and two days this week when it hurt to sit and walk (more on that later.)
  • I had one fairly strong contraction last Saturday. While I've been having Braxton Hicks for several weeks this was the first one that I had to stop and concentrate on/breathe through. It was more in my mid region though, rather than moving from the top down so my doctor wasn't too concerned. I haven't had any more of those since then. 
And that brings me to this week's doctor appointment.... Last week (23 week apt) I got really good news at my ultrasound; my cervical length hadn't changed at all from the prior week. Just as a refresher, at 22 and 23 weeks I was measuring at 3.0 cm and 2.5-2.6 cm when applying pressure. He had said then that he didn't want it any shorter than 2.5 cm.  So when he measured me and said I was now at 1.9 cm (with pressure, her head was right. there.) it took me a second to even process what he was saying.

"Wait." I told him, "That's not good."

The nurse graciously gave me her hand to squeeze as he did a cervical check.  She knew I was scared.

The good news is, my cervix is still closed; it has not started to dilate.  But it is still a bit concerning.  

Both he and my regular OB told me again that a short cervix doesn't mean labor is imminent, it just means I'm at higher risk for a pre-term delivery (which we already knew.) I have not been put on bed rest, although my OB was ready to write the script if I wanted it, and just need to continue to stay well hydrated and rest as much as I can.  The short-term plan is that if my cervix gets down to 1.5 cm or lower then they will give me the steroid shot to develop her lungs quicker.

The perinatologist said we need to make it another month.  My regular OB said, we know you are going to go early, but lets get you to 34 weeks.

As I mentioned earlier, these past few days I have been so sore/stiff.  I thought it was just from sitting in a chair all day but after seeing her on the ultrasound and realizing how low she was sitting I think it was actually from her positioning and the pressure she was putting on my cervix.  Last night sitting on the couch was too uncomfortable so I headed to bed and within a few minutes felt her turn and start to kick me in the sides.  This morning I woke up feeling like a new person.  I'm hopeful that without all that pressure my cervix might actually be longer than it was measuring yesterday.  I'm also constantly reminding myself that I may be perfectly on track to follow the boys births, we'll just never know because they weren't checking me this far into the pregnancy last time.

So, that's where we are at. She still looks great. Fluid levels are good. Placenta looks fine. We're still just  taking it week-by-week and hoping my cervix will slow its roll.  

Let's finish this update with some fun news, shall we???  We have officially decided on a name!!!!

While I have never announced a name publicly before a birth in the past, it feels right this time. Besides, most of you will not be surprised anyway. Let me formally introduce you to:

- middle name to be announced after birth -

24 weeks
Est. weight 1 lb 7 oz

I know, anticlimactic, right?? As most of you know, Stella has been our girls name, well, forever. Each one of the boys would have been Stella had they been a girl.  BUT the one thing Collin and I both knew immediately when we found out we were expecting again is what we would use for a middle name if it was a girl (and a boy too, middle names were easy).....and it wasn't the middle name we had originally chosen for Stella. So then we started wavering on her first name and started seriously considering a different name. But a few weeks ago I was reading the prayer Ave Maris Stella and started crying; I just knew in that moment, without a doubt, her name was Stella. We've been referring to her by name ever since. 

So, listen up Baby Stella, while we are so, so excited to meet you, stay put for awhile longer, okay?

Haha, I feel like I should hashtag that, #stayputstella

More updates to come....


Em said...

I'm team #stayputstella all the way! Continuing to keep you and Stella in my daily prayers. BTW, I LOVE the introduction picture of her. You can see her little face so well. My heart fluttered looking at it! Keep resting as often as you can, Mama. Love you both!

Kelly said...

Love her name! You are looking gorgeous as well Momma. Now little lady needs to #stayputstella

Unknown said...
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Sarah said...

Love her name, it's beautiful just like her little face! Week by week and prayers that Miss Stella stays in there.