Thursday, July 16, 2015

Baby Kono IV: 22 Weeks

22 weeks

I thought I was waaaaay behind in writing this first Baby Update post, I mean, dude, I'm already 22 weeks.....but then I looked back at Nolan's baby posts and realized, I'm RIGHT ON SCHEDULE! Woo!!  Fist Bump!

Okay, *clap clap* let's just dig right in to the good 'ol bullet pointed list, shall we?  

  • I think everyone knows this by now but this baby was conceived right on the heels of a miscarriage, which from the get-go has made this pregnancy that much more wonderful and that much more frightening.  Shortly after finding out that we were expecting again I remember frantically asking a friend, "what do I call this baby? Baby Kono IV or Baby Kono V??? " And she calmly told me, "you'll know when the time is right." And she was right. While technically our 4th child is in heaven with Jesus I now only think of that baby as Job, the name we chose for him (or her, we don't actually know). As we've progressed through this pregnancy it felt right to refer to this baby as Baby Kono IV.
  • And before I go any further, Baby Kono IV is a......
Ahhh! That's right! IT'S A GIRL!!!  
(full gender reveal post to come, because I need to properly document that even if it is late)
  • Okay, back to our list.....
  • Where do I even start???  From the beginning....the first trimester can be summed up in three words: That. Was. Terrible.  
  • I know, I'm supposed to be grateful and joyful and all of those good things. And I was, I was very grateful (maybe not so much joyful) but I was also miserable.  Miserable. To even pretend that this pregnancy has been enjoyable up to this point would be a flat out lie.  Pure exhaustion. Acid Reflux. All day nausea. Week 6 to Week 14 were down right awful.  Week 14 to Week 16 were much better but the acid reflux was still a killer. Since Week 16 I have been getting progressively better and can say I am now in the enjoyable part of pregnancy; unless I over exert myself (every weekend) or have acid reflux flare ups. 
  • All of this is pretty on par with my previous pregnancies with the exception of the acid reflux, I don't remember having that in the first trimester with the boys.  
  • I felt her kick for the first time at 16 weeks, just the tiniest little flutter, and saw her kick for the first time at about 20 weeks.  Keaton has also felt her kick but the other two boys are too busy for sitting still that long.  Sadly, I don't think Collin has felt her kick yet either, maybe he has, my brain is pretty much mush these days.
  • Weight-gain wise I'm only up 2-3 pounds so far, which is much less than my previous pregnancies (I was up 13 with Nolan at this point) but that's simply because I weighed A HECK OF A LOT more starting out.
  • I started my progesterone shots at 19 weeks and have been seeing both my regular OB as well as a high-risk maternal/fetal health doctor this time around.  I'm high risk because of my age but seeing the perinatologist because of my history of pre-term delivery.  I've been seeing him since 16 weeks when we had out first ultrasound and he said he wanted to see me every three weeks for the next six weeks (so, to uncomplicate that...apts with him were at 16 weeks, 19 weeks, and 22 weeks - this past Monday). The beef of my baby updates will definitely come from these appointments. My regular OB appointments feel pretty much like a formality and take, literally, 5 minutes.  Blood pressure. Heart rate. Fundal height. Any questions? Good, you're on auto pilot, see you in 4 weeks.  Sometimes I like to make random conversation just so I feel like I get my money's worth.  Haha. Just Kidding. Sort of.
  • Before I delve into the results of those multiple ultrasounds here's just a couple of pictures from them:
16 weeks
Est. weight 6 oz

19 weeks
Est. weight 10 oz

22 weeks
Est. weight 1 lb
  • Okay, so, here's the deal...first and foremost, baby looks good.  Great, even.  Fluid level is good. There is no cause for concern as far as she goes.
  • My cervix, on the other hand, is not cooperating. Every ultrasound begins with a measurement of my cervix, results of which have been:
16 weeks - 3.9 cm
19 weeks - 3.5 cm
22 weeks - 3.0 cm 
(and when he put pressure on it, it was down to 2.5 cm this week.)
  • This is....not great news.  We're not at freak-out mode yet but it is concerning.  I will now be going back every week for the next four weeks to keep a closer eye on things.  When I asked how short it can get my doctor said we don't want it any shorter than 2.5 cm. I asked if the pace can slow (I'm on track to hit that in 3 weeks, at 25 weeks along) he said yes, it can. So, my task right now is to stay well hydrated and not be over doing it.
  • What will happen if it continues to shorten?  Honestly, I don't know.  People have asked if I'll be put on bed rest or have a cerclage. None of this has been discussed at this point. I probably should have asked the question (and I probably will if we see further shortening next week) but to be honest, I'm scared of the answer.  Any prayers you can spare, I'd appreciate them.  
  • More to come.....

P.S. a little online research - bad idea, don't ever do this! - tells me that a cerclage can be performed up to week 24 if the cervix is 2.5 cm or shorter by this time (2.5 cm/25 mm seems to be the magical number). After week 24 it is not generally done due to the risk of triggering preterm labor. 

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