Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Catching Leprechauns

"Next year, I'm sleeping on the couch!" Keaton declared after checking his leprechaun trap yesterday morning.  

Another St. Patrick's Day gone and still no leprechaun to show for it.  I tried to remind him we did get one, the gold coins are proof; they are just sneaky buggers and he got away, again

Our traps this year were last minute contraptions.  The boys used the book The Night Before St. Patrick's Day on, literally, the night before St. Patrick's Day (and past bed time!) to come up with some simple little traps.  Keaton and Hutton each used an empty Keurig coffee box container, taped some money on top and made a ladder out of tinker toys while Nolan used an empty hot chocolate box, covered it with a tissue and lined it with Skittles (thinking that the leprechaun would jump up to get the rainbow and then fall in the box, getting trapped.) They each caught something, or someone, but didn't trap the leprechaun.  

They did appreciate the chocolate coins though; I've been finding wrappers all over the house ever since.


Kasey Sutgrey said...

What a good idea!!! I am stealing it for next year!

Jill said...

Love it!! We had sneaky leprechauns at our house too! Better luck to all of us next year!!

Amanda said...

We didn't catch any either this frustrating :)