Thursday, January 15, 2015

Road Trip!

Let it be known that Collin and I did not, I repeat, DID NOT attend a matinee last weekend.  

No, we partied it up with the cool kids at a 6:45 screening of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.

What?  Why are you snickering?  Oh, 6:45 isn't with the "cool kids?" Mockingjay Part 1 has been out for how long...?

Yeah, I know.  I know. We are hardly "cool."

The movie has been out for so long now that it has been relocated to one of the tiny, closet-like theaters.  We walked in just minutes before it started and I asked the attendant, "is it full?" I'm pretty sure she was snickering on the inside.

It did end up pretty much filling up, but that's not that hard to do when there are like... 30 seats total in the room.  As the screen went black at the end of the show a guy in the front audibly sighed, "awwww, shit! That's it?" and all 30 of us burst out laughing.  

Have you seen it?  The third Hunger Games?  Ugh.  It was a sobering experience for me.  After the numerous events around the world last week I wasn't sure if I should be happy that we don't live in this world or scared as hell that someday we will. 

But! I loved these books and I am loving each and every movie.  However! Help me out here, was President Coin a women in the book?  I didn't remember the character being a woman, am I just losing it?

Saturday was ours to be had and we weren't quite sure what to do with it but ended up sleeping in and then piling in the car for a little road trip to the country.  

The last time I was in Amish Country with the girls  I had dropped off two sets of sheets to be made into rugs for our laundry room.  Back in November I received the first of TWO letters saying those rugs were done and ready to be picked up.  We all know how bad I am at responding to texts/emails/messages so can you imagine how bad I am at responding to actual letters??!!  Very bad. Very, VERY, Bad.

It's a good hour and a half drive out to Amish Country and not something the boys would probably really enjoy yet because it means so much car time (some day I believe they will love it....someday), so I figured this was my perfect opportunity to take Collin along.  

And OMG, what an opportunity it was.  YOU GUYS!!!  We got to go INSIDE her house!  Holy Crap that was like a dream come true.  It was beautiful. Simple and beautiful. A bucket of eggs at my feet, pies on the table, potatoes cooking over a wood stove, a sad iron waiting by the clothes, and a beautiful china cabinet full of gorgeous dishes that I would bet get used every day.  It was basically my Dream Life.

When we got back to the car I looked at Collin in amazement and said: Those bitches are going to be so jealous!

Hahaha!  I mean that in the most enduring way you, girls!

We figured we'd head home after picking up the rugs but as we passed the Barry Road sign the truck took a sharp right. I couldn't be in Amish Country and not show Collin around.  So we headed to the bakery and the woodworking shop and the grocery store.  He loved it as much as I do. And he finally got to taste one of those heavenly cinnamon rolls (that picture doesn't do it justice....that is a large to-go container.  Those things are huge. And amazing. So, so amazing.) We hit an antique store on the way home before making it back into town in time for Saturday night mass and then to pick up the kids.

Here are my rugs.  I love them!!  They add just the pop this drab, gray room needed. This makes me want to finally finish the laundry room! 

Photo of my piles of laundry are just an added bonus - you're welcome!

Unrelated to last weekend's trip, tomorrow we're heading out of town as a family for an overnight get-away.  The boys are all very excited and have been drawing pictures and telling their friends all week long.

Can you tell where we are going??

Thursday, January 8, 2015

This week I turned 35 (and we celebrated Three Kings Day)

The only birthday parties I can recall having as a kid were sledding parties.  I'm sure I had others that were centered around staying indoors, but I don't remember them.  I remember getting all bundled up and trudging over to the golf course, as a group, and sledding for hours.  Then we'd come in and warm up with hot cocoa and eat cake.  

Oh my gosh, that feels like AGES ago.  Probably because it was.  It was AGES ago.  Good Lord, I'm now thirty-five. As in 3.5.

"That's really Biiiiig, Mom." One of the boys said on Tuesday.  

At 35 I assumed our family would be set, we'd be done having children, and I'd be managing a credit department.

Hahaha, oh my how life expectations change.

Maybe we are done having kids, but I hope not. And I have no desire, NO DESIRE, what-so-ever to be managing anything except for myself (and the kids and our home and all that jazz.)

On my birthday I took the time to soak in the tub. I thought I'd do a little self reflection; think about where we've been and where we're going. But instead I just sat with a notebook and pen and unloaded all of the lists from my head: calls to make, appointments to make, upcoming birthdays, things to organize, random to-dos. It wasn't very introspective but damn did it feel good to free up some memory space up there.

My birthday is January 6th, which is also Three Kings Day or the Epiphany of the Lord. We've never celebrated Three Kings Day before but I wanted to this year. Besides, it worked out perfect because I had three cupcakes left from the boys' school parties to save for home (Collin and I had leftovers from Keaton's birthday party last weekend, which meant we didn't get a shot at being "the King" but that's okay.)

One of those three left over cupcakes had an almond baked inside, whoever found it was The King. The King got to pick out the family movie and pick dinner for this coming Sunday.

The boys dug into those cupcakes with gusto.  I couldn't remember which one held the almond so it was just as much fun for Collin and I to watch as it was for them to eat.

After each bite there was an inspection....where is that almond?

 And towards the end the cupcakes started to get crumbled...that almond had to be somewhere.

Ta-da!!!!  Nolan was the winner!!  

He picked Thomas' Muddy Matters, his new cho cho movie.  

The big boys lucked out though because Nolan could care less what we eat for dinner as long as it's food, so they got to be in on the decision making after-all.

So, if anyone is in the mood for some Tomato Soup on Sunday, come on over!

And the best birthday/Three Kings Day news of all is that Papa & Busha have offered to take the boys overnight on Friday!  Can I get a Woo Hoo??!!  We'll be busy partying it up this weekend as 35 year olds do: sleeping in and then catching a matinee screening of the newest Hunger Games movie (A MATINEE - OMG, we are old!)