Monday, August 18, 2014

Vacation Journaling 2014: Day 1 - Swimming at Lake Mildred

We're up in the Northwoods this week with Ember and Drew and their two little girls; spending some time at my family's cabin. Last night after we all arrived the kids jumped on the trampoline, fed the fish, and watched the movie Brave after dinner.  We put them into bed Saturday night with promises of swimming in the morning.

Unfortunately, we woke up to an overcast and rather chilly day.  Instead of grabbing the swimsuits we grabbed the sweatshirts. But after breakfast we headed back outside to the trampoline and they jumped and jumped and jumped and then we took a walk down to the dock to see and feed the fish before coming back up for some more jumping.  By noon the sun was coming out and sweatshirts were being tossed aside and we promised them, after naps, after naps we will go swimming. We promise.

While the kids napped Em and I ran into town for some groceries and by the time we got back (there may have been a detour to the book store) the kids were awake and jumping again.  We called them all in for swimsuits and crocs, gathered the towels and beach toys and we headed out to the big lake.

The water was really chilly.  Really chilly.  At least for adults.  I didn't hear a single child complain about the temperature. In fact, Hutton didn't even dip his foot in before sprinting down the dock and jumping straight in.

They swam and swam and swam. Jumped and swam.  

And then all headed to the sand to dig and build castles and apple pies.  

The last 20 minutes the kids played so quietly on the sand that the four of us adults just stood back, waist deep in the water, and talked.  The sun was warm on our backs as the waves lapped in and it was so relaxing.

We came home in time for dinner and while the kids ate I asked them the traditional vacation question: What was your favorite part of the day?

Lucy - Swimming
Hutton - Jumping on the trampoline
Nolan - O'line! (trampoline)
Lily - Bouncing. And also jumping.
Keaton - "Ummm, I have a few things...are we going to have ice cream tonight?" Collin: No, tomorrow night. "Okay, I liked swimming, jumping on the trampoline, and my other favorite thing is something in the future." (tomorrow's ice cream)

Ember and I agreed that our favorite part was that peaceful time spent in the lake.  My other favorite part was watching the weather for tomorrow and seeing that it is going to rain (a bummer since we had out door plans) and Em looking at me a saying, completely straight-faced, "well, the good news is we have lots of bacon."


Lê Hân Nguyễn said...

I saw kids had a good vacation

Phoenix said...

i think Kids don't like jumping trampoline, they like swimming