Friday, August 29, 2014

The Sunlit Path

I was so upset last Tuesday evening when I sat down to continue our vacation journaling and realized I had forgotten the cord to transfer pictures from my (real) camera to my computer.  You may have seen some of the fishing pictures loaded to Facebook, I just couldn't continue journaling without being able to document the morning spent on the dock, poles and worms and tackle boxes in (many little) hands.

I've been busy transfering and uploading pictures and will come back to our vacation journaling shortly, but for a moment I want to break to let you in on some other exciting news going on around here.  Remember awhile back when I mentioned that I had taken on two new (outside of work) projects? Well, yesterday my good friend, Ember, and I unveiled one of those projects.  One that has been in the making for just over a year but that we moved ahead on in earnest at the beginning of this summer: a collaborative blog called The Sunlit Path.

We had originally planned on launching this in July but life and other things got in the way.  For reasons we can't really put into words - okay, we can, nerves - we've been dragging our feet since then.  Early this week Em pinged me and said: I feel strongly that we should make this go Without thinking twice I told her, Do it.

I plan on continuing to post here and I'm sure at times the lines between what I talk about here and what I talk about there will be blurry, but for the most part I foresee My Merlot being home to our family happenings and documenting the boys as they grow and The Sunlit Path being a place where I bare my heart and soul about the journey (accomplishments and struggles) to living the life that we so greatly desire. Much of what I talk about in our first post has been known to anyone that we've seen in person in the last year or so, but I'm not sure I've ever talked about it publicly, here.

I hope you will come and walk with us on this journey...

You can find The Sunlit Path online at the following places:

Instagram - coming soon!

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