Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy Birthday, America!

It's been four years in a row now that we've spent the 4th of July holiday up North, at that cabin with my parents, aunt and uncle, and cousin - I think that's a solid start to "a tradition."

We've been talking about this long weekend getaway for awhile now and the boys were so excited.  The Parade! Snowshoe Baseball! Fireworks! They remembered it all and couldn't wait to get up there to celebrate. We couldn't either.

We've learned the tricks-of-the-trade over the years and early Friday morning Collin and my Dad headed into town with a blanket and law chairs while Uncle Bryan and Kylee headed to Lake Tomahawk with sleeping bags and duct tape, all for the same purpose: to claim our spots.

The parade was great again this year; the bands, the candy, the icy pops and bottles of water (it's usually hot!), and the logging equipment, are among our group's favorites. Oh!  And the coffee.  Every year before the parade starts Kylee and I go stand in line with everyone's orders for iced coffee from the cutest little coffee shop in town. The coffee never disappoints.

After the parade we headed back to the cabin for lunch and a loooong family nap for our crew.  We woke up just in time to have a snack and get packed and head to Lake Tomahawk for the annual 4th of July Snowshoe Baseball game against the Chicago All-Stars.  Our team lost again this year, which was a bummer, but it was still a fun time and the boys sat pretty well considering we are all packed into the stands like a can of sardines.

After the game, and just before fireworks, we walk down to the local ice cream shop; we made it back just in time for the show.

When I asked Keaton what his favorite part of the day was he told me: The parade. THE CANDY! The melon.* The fireworks.

My favorite memory: During the fireworks show they let off of couple of fireworks that made shapes in the sky.  "Oooh, that was a heart!" the crowd chanted, "that was a shamrock!" Then the shapes stopped and the next firework went off and Keaton shouts out: "Oooh, that was a CIRCLE!"

*In the 7-inning during the snowshoe baseball game tradition has it that the home team throws out a melon that is spray painted to look like the ball and when the batter swings he smashes it and it ends up all over him. It's a crowd favorite.