Monday, June 16, 2014

Me and My Dad

Before school was out both of the boys made something for Collin to give to him on Father's Day.  Along with those items came home this "Me and My Dad" worksheet. I was reading through it real quickly while repacking Keaton's backpack one Friday morning; the fact that he said is Dad was 5 years old made me laugh a little, he had gotten my age right on the "Me and My Mom" sheet he filled out just a month earlier.  But that's not what had me practically rolling on the floor with laughter.  

Do you see it?  Blow up that picture if you have to.

A couple of lines down...My dad's job is.......

"setting beaver traps and working"

Setting. Beaver. Traps.  


The funniest thing is, he knows exactly what Collin does...did (home building...reconstruction...restoration). He and Hutt used to pretend play all the time...we've got a water damage today!  But yet he told his teachers that his dad "traps beavers" for a living.

"Keaton!"  I exclaimed.  "You put that dad sets beaver traps??"

He looked at me and without an ounce of humor said 
"What, Mom? He's a Mountain Man."


Amanda said...

OMG, your boys are obsessed with Mountain Man too!?!?!?! So are B & C!!!!!!! Watch is ALL THE TIME! Happy Beaver Trapping :)

Em said...

Lol...oh, Keaton, you crack me up!