Friday, April 4, 2014

on the other side

There's this stretch of land I drive by every single day on the way to drop-off at Busha's or school. A few months ago this stretch was particularly icy and more than once we saw a car going into the ditch in practically the exact same spot. So my eye is now trained to take notice in this area, where otherwise I might zone out; especially when there are no kids in the car. 

This picture was taken on Wednesday after school drop-off and days of warmer temps. The snow banks on the left have receded greatly since Monday where that whole field was still covered in white. But none the less I still laugh a bit when I drive by - snow and ice and dirt on one side, the remnants of a long, hard winter; flooding fields and standing water on the other, the first looks of what may be a nasty spring - and each and every time I can't help but think: The grass isn't always greener on the other side.


Do me a favor, will ya? Raise your hand if you happen to be fighting a late-season cold, flu, sinus infection. Thanks :)

Have a good weekend, everyone!


Amanda said...

*hand raised* Sinus infection here

TeamNee said...

Hand raised for Tucker and myself...grrrrrr

amanda said...

Nothing contagious. ..but do breathing treatments every 4 hours since Friday count? If so...hand up too.