Friday, April 11, 2014

5 going on 35

I've put away all traces of winter decorations but, sadly, I have yet to pull out the Easter/spring stuff.  I'm hoping to get that done this weekend.  I did, however, make over our nature table and because our daffodils are already starting to droop and peter out I figured I better snap a picture before they are gone entirely. We're currently reading the book The Story of the Root Children and oh! it is so cute. The new Spring book is also up - the boys just love these, there are no words but they love the pictures and making their own stories - and the set of three tiny white books in the middle are a few in the Peter Rabbit series - Peter Rabbit is also big around here. Keaton painted that bird house while we were living in the duplex and Nolan rolled that candle at Christmastime. The other various things have been collected by the kids out and around the yard.

Yesterday morning while I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth Keaton walked in and said, "Mom, the truck was stuck in the pillow so I took some scissors and I cut it out."

"What? You did what? What did you cut?"

"The pillow. On the couch.  The truck, it was stuck in those things. So I just cut....I cut'em off." He was kind of flapping his hands around like, you know, no big deal.

And then I remembered, the little matchbox truck, it was all tangled up in the fringes of the pillow.  I had meant to grab a pair of scissors and do the same. "Oh yeah, Nolan's dump truck.  Yeah, I saw didn't...hurt the pillow, right?"

"No.  I just...little cuts.. snipped it off." And then he held up his hand to emphasize just how serious he was, "Mom, I have just HAD IT with those pillows, everything keeps getting stuck in them."

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CAS said...

Oh My- this made me LOL!!! Yes, he talks like a little adult!