Friday, March 21, 2014

Racing the Sun

Since Daylight Savings a couple of weeks ago the boys and I have been out the door and on our way to Busha's before the sun is up; it's typically getting light as our car pulls out of the drive, but she hasn't officially peaked over that horizon. I entice them to hurry getting their boots and coats on and getting buckled into their seats by promises of racing the sun (Side note: did you ever read that book as a kid?). Our goal is to get to Busha's road before she arrives. The 20 or so miles there are filled with lots of ooohs and aaahs as we watch the sky turn from pink to yellow, the light expanding by the minute to the north and south.  
Keaton commented on our way home last night about how it was still light out, even at dinner time: the days are getting longer, mom! And he's right, the days are getting longer and it's never been so evident as it is in those few minutes in the morning as we race the sun - two weeks ago we had no problem beating her; this morning, you can see, it was a different story.  

Happy weekend, everyone!

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CAS said...

Beautiful! I love it that it is lighter out later too!!!