Tuesday, March 18, 2014

a walk in the woods

Clockwise from top left: deer, squirrel, squirrel hole, mouse, possible bear den

Two weekends ago, at the first taste of some decent-temperature-weekend-weather, we packed the boys up and headed to Papa and Busha's with our snowshoes in hand; it was time to take a little walk in the woods. I've been waiting all season for this. 

Over Christmas my family spent a few days up at the cabin and on one of those days we all spent a couple of hours together snowshoeing across the lake.  Well, except that when we were packing we were a little rushed and we couldn't find our snowshoes.  So we weren't so much snowshoeing, we were just walking. It was still fun, but before I can consider the winter complete I have to do a little snowshoeing. And two weekends ago was the perfect weekend for it: blue skies, decent temps, not too crusty snow.

Collin led the way with Keaton on his heels; since Day 1 Keaton has liked this sport.  Hutt and I trailed behind; since Day 1 Hutton has been.....less enthusiastic about this sport.  Snowshoeing with Hutton is kind of like this: take 6 or 7 steps, throw body face first into the snow, I caaaaaan't waaaaaalk! He did make it about 3/4 of the way, slowly, but he made it. We looked at various animal tracks, wood piles, and trees. We saw the neighbor hauling wood in his tractor and spied a farm and barn in the distance.  And for the last part of the trek Hutt got a ride from Daddy, which made him happy.  Nolan stayed behind, working with Papa chipping ice from the driveway and hauling his sled around the yard, and when we got back all three of them spent some time sliding down the snowbanks. Winter's not over yet, but looking at our schedule I'm not sure we'll be able to get another snowshoe adventure in before it is. But that's okay, I'm at peace knowing the next time we hike in those woods we may very well be leaving the snow boots behind and heading in wearing our work boots and gloves instead.

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