Tuesday, February 4, 2014

things they said (this week)

"Mom?  Can you please change Nolan's diaper?  He smells like a Chicken & Poop sandwich."

It was early morning and he was tucked in between the two of us when he suddenly jolted awake in bed, "Dad! Dad!" Whatever he had on his mind it was urgent, but before a groggy Collin could respond he belted out, "Do chickens fly??!!"

Nana (banana)
Da Da (which sounded more like DA DAAAAAA! as he yelled down to the basement)
Punxsutawney Phil 

(hahaha, kidding. The running joke this week by the big boys is that Nolan said "Punxutawney Phil" Say it again, Nolan, say it!  Mom, he said Punxutawney Phil!)

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CAS said...

HAHAH- this is so cute and hilarious!!! Love it!