Monday, February 24, 2014

Did I mention that this happened?

We had a nice, low-key weekend.  A lot of puzzle doing, Candyland playing, Olympic watching, and magazine reading, kind of a weekend.  Interspersed in there was some kitchen cleaning, basement organizing, and tax completing (ONE item left before I can drop them off!  Woo!  Let's not talk about how I said I'd drop them off the first Wed. in Feb....) (There was a whole lot less of this second list than the first, which puts us behind, but it was worth it.) I was going to post a couple of pictures of the boys from the weekend but as I was looking at them I realized....I don't think I ever told you about this....

Nolan got his first haircut!!  

This happened a couple of weekends ago and just like his big brother Hutt, he was ready. Oh, he was ready.  For a couple of months each time Collin cut the big boys hair he'd ask Nolan, do you want yours cut?  And every time he'd run his hands through his hair and nod with anticipation.  But Mama wasn't ready.

Those curls!  I knew they'd be gone once we gave him his first cut so I held off as long as I could.  But a few weekends ago Collin asked him again, you want to get your haircut?  And this time he ran back and got the clippers out himself.  It was time.

He did great; sat patiently and still, didn't get scared at all, but what surprised us most was the color.  He's BLONDE!  I mean, we knew he was lighter than Keaton but his long curls always gave us the allusion that he was more of the strawberry blonde variety....with the exception of texture, because his is definitely straight and Hutt's is definitely curly, his locks were the exact same color as Hutton's laying on the floor.

For days afterwards I'd ask him, Nolan?! What happened to your hair??  And he'd put his hand to his head and grunt a little, eh, eh and then he'd point at Collin.  Did Daddy take them?  I'd ask and he'd get a huge smile on his face and nod enthusiastically - yes.

The curls are gone and in their place they left me a Big Boy.


CAS said...

Awww- so handsome- yes it does make him look all grown up, but still so handsome and it sounds like he was ready!

Amanda said...

Awe look at that big boy! SO cute!!!

Em said...

Oh man, those curls! I see why you held off so long with the haircut... but, he is a handsome little big boy, too. :) So grown-up now!