Friday, January 31, 2014


Things have been quiet around here this month.  It's not that I don't want to be writing here it's just...when I've been away for an extended period of time I never know what I should come back and say. Should I tell you about the things we've been doing or the crafts we've been making?  Should I finally catch up on those birthday party posts I've been meaning to write?  Should I fill you in on our plans/hopes/dreams for the future?  Where do you start?  So today I'm just going to write. It'll be random, surely, but it will be something. And when you don't know where to start, start with the ice breaker we all hold dear....the weather.  Yes, let's start with the weather...

  • See that picture up there?  I took that at the beginning of December, after our first snow fall. (Yay!  Everyone loves the first snow fall!!) Today that wheel looks like this: 

  • Pardon the change in angle, I took that second picture with a telephoto lens from the comfort of my kitchen, ain't no way I'm walking my ass out in that shit. Actually, that's a lie, I did try to walk my ass out in that shit a couple of weekends ago, Keaton and I together, we only made it half way through the yard before we got our asses stuck in that shit.  (Okay, you can uncover your ears more potty language). In all truthfulness though, we did try to go on a hike on the nature trails a couple of weekends ago, with snowshoes I might add, and we still got stuck.  I'm not exactly sure how much snow we have on the ground, 12? 18? inches. Two feet?  All I know is it was up past my knee and we've gotten another six inches or so since then.  
  • Somewhat related to the snow, okay probably a lot related to the snow, both the UPS man and the FedEx guy have gotten stuck in our driveway this winter.  That shouldn't make me laugh, but it kind of does. It also makes me happy that we opted for a four-wheel drive vehicle.  Did I tell you we finally got a new car?  No?  We went back and fourth on the mini-van for awhile but both Collin and I were getting that gut feeling that it wasn't a good idea.  We ended up with a new (to us) SUV (a Toyota Sequoia) about mid-November.  Just in time for winter to hit; just in time for me to see what I was in store for with the pick-ups and drop-offs.  We've lived here for 8 years and I'm going to be honest, I had no idea how bad the country roads were here in the winter.  Granted this has been an especially tough winter but still, there have been a number of days already that I would not have gotten out of my driveway without the four wheel drive. The other bonus with a new car is, this is going to blow your minds, there is HEAT in the BACK.  What?  All cars have this?  Oh?  Really?  Our last vehicle was such a disaster that I had to crank the heat in the front so my children in the back did not get frost bite. It was awesome.  I do not miss that car one. single. bit.
  • My house is a disaster.  Like, straight-up, a disaster.  This isn't really new news.  My problem is that I've been falling asleep putting the boys to bed at night (ask Tanya about that, I've missed three calls from her, all at or around 8 pm because I've been sleeping!) and then I get absolutely no house work done.  I had to stir my coffee with a baby spoon this morning.
  • We ran out of propane again this week.  AGAIN!  If you ever want to know the most efficient way to run out of gas on the absolute coldest days of the years, ask us!  We are professional run-out-of-propaners.  That's not really a good thing.  Our last fill up, which was on Jan 6th, lasted us 22 days.  Did you hear about the propane shortage? $5.39/gallon baby.  I opted for 250 gallons and with the same-day charges we paid a wee $1,500.  (Excuse me while I vomit, again).  So we're taking some drastic measures....rigging our fireplace to work (don't ask), electric heaters, closing rooms, and praying that we can make it a bit (okay, a lot!) longer on this tank.
  • My plans for the weekend include: finishing the last Christmas gifts (thought you were behind?), taxes, making some progress on cleaning my office and the storage room in the basement, working on Valentine's.  When I asked the boys this morning what they wanted to do this weekend the answers were: stay home, play on the Kindle, do art - can we Mom? 
Wishing you all a fun, productive, and warm weekend and hoping I'll see you around here a bit more in the weeks to come.

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Tracy Over said...

I am sorry that you guys ran out again :( and whoa is that a bit pricey!

Hope you enjoy your weekend!