Tuesday, January 21, 2014

at the train station & around the house

On Saturday we took the boys, with Papa & Busha, to a model train show (or, train station, as Hutt has been calling it). Between the ages of about 18 months to two or two and a half years trains were Keaton's thing.  He loved them.  Hutton was too young at the time to get into them and because Keaton is the big brother the other boys interests have tended to follow along with whatever Keaton is interested in. The love for trains in this house was replaced by tractors and now hunting. But does any little boys'(or girls?) interest in trains really fade completely?  I think probably not. 

The boys were all eyes and ears. We each took a child to carry so they could get a closer look and over and over we heard - Mom! here it comes!

But as fun as it was to see the trains come chugging towards us, it was just as fun to check out all the scenes. Small little towns, bridges, people and farms, wild animals...the table we liked the best was set up to replicate areas around our home, even a depiction of  a train wreck that occurred years and years ago.

The boys saw me taking all of these pictures and decided they wanted to get in on the fun too, so I handed over my phone. And oh, children, you are so adorable....and so very, very blurry.

I tried getting one shot of the big boys together; that turned out about as well as they always do.

The Law of Multiple Children: only one shall cooperate at a time.

That night Keaton convinced me to let him use my phone again, Mom, Mom, I need to take pictures. I was flipping through my phone yesterday and behold, our (blurry) life according to Keaton:


Drawing of a tree stand and a deer

Maia's dupa (I have about a dozen of these)


Collin's deer (a/k/a Hunting Target)

Nolan and his suitcase

Bird on our winter nature table

Snowman on Hutton's shirt (there was a lot of excitement about this one)


Hutton's suitcase

Rudolf's girlfriend

Keaton's ceiling fan

Santa pillow case

Tractor wall decal and bonus sippy cup


Christmas cards (one of MANY pictures of our Christmas cards)

And that was just a select few (your welcome!)

My mom is up here now watching the boys since they didn't have school yesterday or today and not having to fight bedtimes and wake-ups has been glorious!

Hope you all had a great weekend.


Amanda said...

This is exactly why we bought the boys cameras to take to Disney, just to see the world through their eyes. Isn't it fun! Glad to hear they had fun :)

CAS said...

So cute- thanks for sharing the pics- it is great to see life- from his perspective and see what they get "excited" over.

Amy said...

The Law of Multiple Children...haha, why didn't someone tell me this before we had a second. HA! Victoria is also in LOVE with all things Trains too. And she like to take pictures, just helps herself to my DSLR camera if it is within arms reach..eeeek! The boys look like they had a great time. Grammy at bedtime/wake up time IS THE BEST!

Tracy Over said...

Haha so cute seeing what they see!

Kristal said...

I love when my girls play with my old camera. And, I SO know the "Law of Multiple Children." When my kids were your kids' ages, I literally took over 200 pictures for that year's Christmas card and got one semi-decent one.