Tuesday, January 7, 2014

And now I'm 34

Yesterday was my birthday; because of the frigid temperatures sweeping through most (all?) of the country the local schools announced on Friday that they would be closed on Monday, which was perfect. No school for them meant no work for me.  

It makes me a bit nervous taking days off this early in the year.  With Collin's new job we don't have the flexibility we used to have, but it didn't make me nervous enough to not want to scream Friday night: Yay! Three day weekeeeeend! And it didn't make me nervous enough on Sunday night to sit on the couch watching football and think, awesome, I don't have to set an alarm tomorrow!  No, it didn't make me nervous enough to not look forward to it and enjoy every second of it.

I would say it was a completely normal day but really there was nothing normal about it.  We had no schedule, we had no classes to get to or a computer to log on.  We didn't have to get up early or eat lunch at a certain time.  The boys and I had all day to do whatever we wanted.  I like these random days off even more than weekends.  Weekends come with expectations, expectations that never seem to be met - things to get done that don't get done during the week; errands to run; places to be. These middle-of-the-week days off don't seem to hold any expectations; they are days I actually enjoy. 

We learned about the temperature, we read a book, we made bird feeders (Nolan not only ate the peanut butter but also the seeds!), we played dinosaurs, and we snuggled under blankets and watched far too much tv. 

With that, of course, came laundry and cooking. Cleaning the kitchen table 8 million times and sweeping a pound of bird seed off our kitchen floor (seriously, it probably would have been easier to just invite the birds in). But even the routine every day chores were more enjoyable because there were no expectations of how much laundry I had to get through or how clean the kitchen got (answer: not very.)

There was nothing overly special about the day, with Keaton feeling under the weather in the afternoon we never got around to making those cupcakes. There was no fancy dinner or getting dressed up or spending a night on the town.

It was just a day at home, with my boys and it was absolutely perfect.

(Except for the part where we ran out of propane and we had to have an emergency fill up.  Perfect, except for that.  OMG - who does that?  Who runs out of gas when it is -50 degrees?)

(Thank you all for the calls and texts and messages, you made my day even brighter! xoxo)


Tracy Over said...

Happy Happy Birthday, glad you enjoyed your day with the boys. VERY glad that you could get the emergency fill up because that would have been horrible if you couldn't.

Jill said...

Sounds like a perfect day!! Glad you were able to enjoy!! Happy Birthday, again!

Kate said...

Thanks girls!

Amy said...

You are one brave Momma, making bird feeders in your house with bird seed & peanut butter and ON YOUR BIRTHDAY! Such a great activity, V loves watching birds at the feeder in the spring/summer (we don't feed them in the winter, we suck). I didn't realize we are the same age...and my babe was so close to sharing a birthday with you!