Monday, December 9, 2013

First Snow

Winter is here!  Okay, maybe not technically, but the last of the fall decorations have finally been put away and more of the Christmas decorations have found their way out (not all of them yet....) and, AND we have SNOW!

I have varying feelings about snow.  There are things I love about it, like snowshoeing and cross country skiing, and things I detest about it, like driving in it.  Seriously, I age like 60 years behind that wheel when the snow falls.  

But the kids?  The snow brings them pure joy.  

The temperatures were too cold to go out in it this past weekend, which made me happy that we had spent some time outdoors last week.  There was shoveling (so much shoveling because these boys like to Work) and snow angel making, and sliding to be done (poor Nolan would slide right down and onto his back and every time look a bit shell shocked - but he'd climb right back up there and do it again).

At the end of the day we came in for hot chocolate with candy canes - a tradition I remember as a kid and one the boys embraced with open arms.  


Amanda said...

Love it! Nolan must not like gloves lol

CAS said...

Oh how I love to see these excited faces!!!! Two more weeks until I get to see them in person!!!