Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dear Nolan: 12 Months

Dear Nolan,

Well buddy, you are officially the winner!  Yay!!  What was that?  Oh, you want to know what it is you have won?  Oh well, let me tell you….you are the winner of the Most Delayed Monthly Post written by Mama!  Congratulations!  What?  Oh, you don’t think that sounds like a good thing? Well, I suppose you are right, maybe Winner is a bad choice of words.  The truth is, you are now (over) 18 months old but I have yet to write your 12-month letter.  I was behind on some of your brothers’ monthly letters too, writing them when they were nearly turning another month older, but I can honestly say I have never been 6+ months behind on these letters during your first year.  I could skip this one all together but then there would be a hole in your first year book and, well, we just can’t have that. So instead I will rewind my mind six months, back to May 2013…
Photo by Natural Intuition Photography
 If I had to choose one word to describe you at one year old it would be a Delight.  Yes, at one year old you were such a delight.  The weekend after your birthday I got the pleasure of spending an entire two days with just you.  Your Daddy took the big boys up to the cabin for the weekend and you and I spent some alone time at home and it was one of my absolute favorite weekends of the entire spring.  We worked outside, filling bird feeders and pulling weeds, as you stuck your hands in those big bags of seed I found myself just sitting and watching as you repeatedly dug in and then let them fall from your grasp - your eyes intently watching and your hands feeling the sensation. Inside we played on your bedroom floor – stacking blocks, pulling your new truck, and going for “horsy rides” on the rocking horse you got for your birthday. At night you snuggled in and as I rocked you to sleep I remember thinking of a friend of mine, due with a baby boy, and hoping her son would be as wonderful as you.

Photo by Natural Intuition Photography
Now just because you were wonderful does not mean you were not busy.  Oh no.  Oh no, no, no.  You are a child of ours. A boy child of ours and that fact alone means since day one we have been unable to keep up with you.  Just like your brothers you are busy, busy, busy.  Into everything, always on the move, never content to be still.  Not once have we been blessed with a child who liked to be still! At 12-months old you were officially walking.  Toddle walking, yes, but walking.  At your birthday party I remember pulling your jeans straight so they reached the top of your shoes, setting you on the ground, and there you went -  arms in the air to steady yourself, I set you down and you walked away.

Photo by Natural Intuition Photography
And speaking of that birthday party of yours… Oh wow, Nonie, do you know how much you are loved? As a third child I’ve often been afraid you’d get slighted somehow in the attention department, but that has never happened.  On your first birthday our family and friends came out in droves.  There were so many people here that your brothers were a bit shell shocked – they didn’t know what to do with themselves. And we celebrated.  Oh, did we celebrate!  Being that you were born on May 5th we knew from the very day you arrived that your 1st birthday would be celebrated Cinco de Mayo style. With the help of Mommy’s friend, Sarah, who lives close to Mexico we were able to pull this off.  She sent up blankets, and sombreros, and tiny little guitars.  It was perfect. Your Auntie Kira made your cake and you DEVOURED that thing.  You ate so much I was concerned you were going to end up sick; and not just frosting, you ate the entire cake!

Cake Smash Photos by Natural Intuition Photography
At one year old you weighed 19 lbs 1 oz (5%) and were 28.25 inches long (8%) – a tiny thing, but just like your brothers you had a monster head: 46.8 cm (63%). You wore 12 month clothes until about the time you turned 16 months old, and you are still wearing a size 3 diaper.  At 12-months you were still pretty bald, continued to be a thumb sucker and you loved baths, your brothers, and your dog, Maia.  I can’t get over how quickly these months have flown by, but I’m grateful for each and every one we’ve had with you.

Photo by Natural Intuition Photography
I love you,


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CAS said...

Ahhh- How I love him!!! He is such a happy toddler too! T minus 5 days until I get to squeeze those nephews!