Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas concert

Hutton's class - he is in the bottom row, right side

Keaton's class - he is also in the bottom row, right side

For the past several weeks the boys have been hopping in the car at the end of the day and before I can even ask if they had a good day there are two little voices coming from the back seat..."who has a beard that's long and white?  It muuuuuust be Santa. It muuuuuust be Santa!"

I remember Christmas concerts from my childhood, getting all dressed up, waiting with anticipation, seeing the crowd of's been an exciting time for them.

We were lucky in that Hutton's 3-year old preschool class and Keaton's 4-K class (and four other preschool/4-K classes) put on one, combined concert. Next year we'll have kids in the "preschool" concert and the "big kid" concert, but for this year we got to watch the boys sing together.  Christmas Bells, It Must be Santa, Rudolf the Red Noised Reindeer, and Mele Kalikimaka (I was impressed with them actually being able to SAY this!) were among the list. They both did great, singing and dancing, and were pretty excited when it was all done.  "I saw Papa peaking at me!" Hutton told us.

We celebrated with dinner out, pizza and Italian fries at Springville Warf, afterwards.

These boys are growing up before my eyes.  I swear it was just last year we were expecting our first little baby and, oh my!, he is now almost FIVE and we're going to Christmas concerts and...oh, where did the time go?


Tracy Over said...

They are getting big and very handsome!

Amanda said...

They are so dang cute!!! Good job Keats and Hutty!

CAS said...

Ahhh- this is so awesome! It brought tears to my eyes as it brings back so many great childhood memories... especially celebrating after at Springville Warf with Italian fries! Collin and I picked this place to celebrate all our good report cards each time. They are growing up fast though!