Friday, November 1, 2013


When I transferred my pictures off of my camera and onto my computer last night I was SO THRILLED to see I got that shot above.  It was the first one I snapped in our pre-trick-or-treat photo session and I had no memory of taking it.  It was before Keaton was in full garb - a deer cape and antique trap transformed him from last year's lumberjack to this years Mountain Man or Trapper, depending on the day you asked. His costume was inspired by one of his favorite shows: Mountain Men on the History Channel.  No, I'm not kidding, he asks for this. The other morning we were on our way to Busha's when he said: Mom? Tonight can I watch one of my favorite shows? Duck Dynasty, Pickers, or Mountain Men? The little boys were not fans of the deer capes and chose to be lumberjacks again this year. But Keaton?  He was all about being a Mountain Man.

The only other picture I got of all three boys in the same frame from our Trick-or-Treating was this:

Which is really a much better representation of how our pre-trick-or-treat photo session went. ::Sigh::

To be honest, I was a tad bit nervous about how the evening would play out, given our getting ready show of attitudes, but I shouldn't have fretted, as soon as the boys were out and about and ringing doorbells the smiles appeared.

Nolan didn't do a whole lot of Trick-or-Treating but he did partake in some candy along the way.

And he did get down from Collin's arms to walk for approximately 30 seconds...

...before asking to be picked back up and promptly passing out.  

The poor guy was just not feeling well.  In hindsight, we shouldn't have taken him with, hours later he'd end up in the ER was another bad case of Croup, but at the time he still didn't seem that bad.

The boys' spent the evening running up to houses, ringing doorbells, and collecting candy with their cousins - a tradition they look forward to. In the future Kira and I are thinking of making it a Halloween weekend, full with a slumber party and holiday festivities and I have to admit, I think I'm probably looking forward to that as much as the kids will be.

About three quarters of the way through Hutt got tired, he still wasn't feeling well either, and asked if we could just go home.  Mimi carried him most of the rest of the way.

Keaton would have liked to go all night long, but by the time we made it back to the car it was starting to get chilly and darker and we told him "Two more, that's it!" He obliged and as we were rounding everyone up the adults were standing in the road talking when we noticed that the kids had set up camp, right there, smack dab in the street, to look through their goodies.

I suppose that's a good sign of a successful Trick-or-Treat.


CAS said...

Love all those "lumberjacks"! And Love that Keaton put on the deer skin :)

Amy said...

These are the CUTEST Lumberjacks I have ever seen! What a great idea!