Thursday, October 31, 2013

pumpkin carving

Happy Halloween!!

I am a little saddened by how quickly this holiday seems to have crept up on us and, at the same time, grateful we have made it this far through the year.  If my memory serves me correctly (in this case I think it does, though mostly it does not) we never got around to carving pumpkins last year.  So on Sunday, when we put the big 'ol round guys on the table and promptly cut their tops off, it was Nolan's first experience with pumpkin guts and the big boys' first experience in quite awhile.

Nolan wasn't quite sure what to make of it and kind of found the whole thing gross. But this kid is nothing but determined and kept right on scooping those seeds out regardless of his feelings. This is pretty indicative of his personality, we often call him an ox or a bull, a little force, because he is always charging on ahead, plowing through life.

Hutton couldn't wait for Collin to chop the top off of his big tall pumpkin and as soon as the coast was clear he was digging in as far as his arm could reach. He loved every second of it, cackling with glee.  This is also a pretty good indication of Hutt's personality; he is a thrill seeker. We fully expect this one will leave home in search of mountains to climb and seas to explore.

Keaton was also waiting with anticipation to dig in, but he took a little different approach. Sorting his pulp meticulously he make sure he got each and every seed out and in a bowl to be baked to perfection.  That entire bowl was full by the time he was done.  I'm sure you can guess, this is also representative of Keaton's personality: detail oriented, perfectionist, and organized.

After we got all of the pulp out and seeds sorted it was time to draw on some faces...

...and start carving.

The boys were really happy with their end results and this got them in the Halloween spirit; a couple hours later it was time to don the costumes and do a little Trick-or-Treating.


Tracy Over said...

So cute!

Amanda said...

OK...hold the phone when did Keaton grow up!!!! Isn't it funny when a simple task like carving truly shows their personalities :) Happy Halloween!