Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Minivan owners! Honda owners! I need your advice!

"No, we will never have a minivan, never.  We are not minivan people."

We uttered that sentiment countless times. Countless. Never. We will never have a minivan.


The little scratch off card came in the mail a month or so ago - scratch off here and see if you win!

We dug out the quarters and scratched, scratched away and wouldn't you know, three in a row!  Our card was a winner! $25,000 cash! A new car! What would it be?

Sure we read the fine print; we knew it might be a $2 bill.  In fact, we were expecting it to be a $2 bill. But I sent him in anyway because, hey, it was $2 more than we had in our pocket.


An hour after he left the house he called me, slightly annoyed: "I am just now leaving the dealership."

"Hahaha! You got sucked in!"

"Of course I got sucked in, they don't just hand the $2 bills out."

"So, it was a $2 bill?"

"Yes, it was a $2 bill."


That evening he came home and I heard something I never, ever expected out of him: "Kate, those minivans are really nice."


"Well, yeah, the guy came over and he was a big burly guy, a hunter - he had camo on - and I asked him 'what do you have that would fit three, maybe four, kids and a 120 pound dog?' And he took me to the minivans. I told him No and he said, 'Look at me, I drive one of these, just look at them' and you know what? They are pretty sweet."


So here's my advice to all you kids, advice you've probably heard a million times: never use the word never.


Our current car is a piece of crap.  Seriously, a total money pit piece of crap.  It has been since Day 1.  We can't make it another year - the air conditioning goes out EVERY summer - and to get through the winter we would need new tires, an investment I don't think we're willing to make.  So it looks like we are in the market for a new vehicle, probably soon.  So tell me, minivan owners, yay or nay?

The dealership Collin was at was a Honda, so he was looking at an Odyssey, I'm not married to any particular brand but I am interested to hear what Honda owners think - we've never had one.  Collin has a Nissan Titan which we have been very happy with so a Nissan Quest is also on the 'want to look at list' and of course we'll probably still look at a couple of the large SUV's just to make sure those are out....but I'm interested, what info can you tell me about minivans? Because this girl is never going to own one, except, well, maybe....


Anonymous said...

Go with the Honda Odessey, If Matt and I could, we would get one, and my cousin has one and they are worth it for sure!

Amanda said...

My only suggestion to you is that we live in Wisco and there is A LOT of snow/ice for many may need AWD/4WD...with that vans nowadays...they're nice...hate to say it! If we didn't live in the middle of nowwhere and didn't need 4WD, I would have gotten one...

Em said...

Yep, never say never. You know my stance as a fellow "I can never drive a minivan" person. I'm a convert. And Honda Odysseys are the way to go. Period. Best ones out there.

CAS said...

Yep- Never say never :) We have a Honda Pilot and LOVE IT!!!! And Ben has a Nissan and loves it too. So yes, if Minivan go with an Odessey or if you want 4W Drive go with the Pilot (seats 8 and lots of room) LOVE LOVE LOVE mine.

Anonymous said...

Toyota Sienna, followed by Honda Odyssey(less expensive than Sienna). Test-driven and family/friend-driven both. Sienna takes 1st place.

We say NOT the Nissan, but it is based on only one experience with a Nissan. S

Jill said...

As you know, we were "never" going to own a minivan either, however when the Durango needed more work and we found out #4 was on the way, we started looking at our options. Minivan was an after thought at that point, a "possible option," however once we compared the new Durango and the minivan, the minivan won hands down for the space!

We are partial to Chrysler/Dodge vehicles and our employer gives a company perk where you get the manufacturer price, so there's no haggling involved which made the decision easy for us - we went with the Chrysler Town & Country Stow & Go.

We've been very happy with it so far (bought it in June). Our favorite features include: the center aisle to the back because the older kids can go back there and buckle themselves, the side doors because they don't swing out and if you're in a parking lot we're not worried about the kids swinging the doors into other cars and the deep cargo area in the back. The cargo area in the back would probably be good for your dog. If you travel with a lot of other stuff, you may want to consider getting the luggage racks on top of the vehicle. We purchased a car-top carrier last summer so we just made sure that we had the luggage racks on ours in case we needed to travel with extra bags or strollers.

Whatever you decide to go with, I'm sure you will love it - happy hunting!

Anonymous said...

Jill- Though we aren't in need of a minivan, I have been wondering about Stow and Go (lusting after it, really). How easy is it to operate the Stow and Go function of the Town & Country? How secure are the seats when they are stowed and when they are upright?

Anonymous said...

Honda now makes a minivan that comes with a vacuum cleaner already in it! Enough said!

Jill said...

Responding to the Stow and Go question - I was concerned about the stability of the seats as well, but they are actually very secure (both when up and down). It was a little weird in the showroom when we stepped on the "hole" where it stows, because it's hollow, but in ours we put rubber mats down (trying to keep the kid tracks/food to a minimum on the carpet, so we don't even notice now. We will probably not use the stow and go feature all that often since we have the 4 little kids (car seats galore!) however it is a nice option if we did need to move anything larger because once you put all the seats down, the floor is completely flat and even, so it's very useful.

I was concerned about how to operate the stow seats, but they have instructions on them and are all spring-loaded so it doesn't take a lot of effort to move them into position (down or up). We were a little concerned at how mechanical everything is (seats, doors, etc.) but we got the extended warranty on it and it covers anything like that that could go out.

My one suggestion for them (not really a complaint) was that when you have the seats up, there isn't a cover for the deep space in the back to have it lay flush with the floor. My thought with that was you could fit a stroller laying down in it and it would be nice to put a cover on that so you could stack other things flat on top of it, but they don't make a cover for it because of the cover that places on top of the back seat when it's down. Not a big deal!

I never thought I would say it, but I do really love the mini-van!