Monday, October 7, 2013

It's October!

The month of pumpkins and ghosts and witches and goblins; owls, spiders, black cats and bats.

It's also the month of chili and corn bread, pumpkin spice lattes, falling leaves, sweatshirts and jeans and football by the fire.

I do love this month.

Saturday was a rainy, dreary day - the boys and I made pancakes, bread, and pizza dough in the morning and worked on converting their closets to fall/winter wear in the afternoon.  In between we read some Halloween books and acted out Five Little Pumpkins about a dozen times. Collin got called into work and by the time he got home we were ready for build your own pizza night and Bambi under their sleeping bags.

Yesterday, though, the weather was gorgeous. At half-time Collin paused the tv and headed out with the boys to cut the lawn.  We tried to corral them in for the second half but it was fruitless. "Put your shoes back on boys" I hollered at them, "And Keaton, come carry this for me."

"What is it, Mom? What is it?.....It's Wanda!"

We don't have pumpkins yet, but our entryway is otherwise decorated for Halloween.  I thought about waiting to take the picture when our pumpkins are here, but I'm terrified these spiders are going to fall down.

Keaton tried so patiently to explain Wanda the Switch Witch to Nolan but Nolan had no time for that, there were thumbtacks to play with. Ohhhh, 18 months is such a handful. Speaking of, 5 bonus points to the first person to spot the child in picture #1. 

Hope you are all enjoying your start to this spooky, crazy, fun month.


Amanda said...

LOL let me out mom!!!!! Hilarious :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes! I see him...ready to bust through the glass. Cute. Happy Halloween month! We are waiting a little longer to carve pumpkins, though we have been tempted each time we pass a pile being sold anywhere.

Amy said...

I LOVE, LOVE Halloween and your front door is just perfect, way to go momma!!!