Tuesday, October 29, 2013

at the pumpkin patch

It's Halloween week and while our kids have already gone Trick-or-Treating there is still some celebrating left to be done.  Hutton's class party is tomorrow. Keaton's is Thursday and if I'm ambitious enough I might plan a fun dinner for Thursday night (ideas welcome, if you have them! Something easy please!)

A couple of weekends ago we paused the Packer Game and headed to the pumpkin patch at half time. Last year we had the place to ourselves and we thought going in the middle of the game might give us that luxury again (we were almost right - just one other family there at the beginning). This patch is just down the road, around the corner, and down another road from our house.  It's a private house with a field full of pumpkins and squash and gourds.  There isn't any "extra" pumpkin patch fun that you might get at a bigger place but the boys get to walk through the field and pick their own.  And the best part, for us, is this: all pumpkins, regardless of size, are $2. Our neighbors told us about it last year and after going once we were sold.

The boys each found their pumpkins pretty quickly...

...and then turned their attention to the squash, carrying them out by the armful. 

I heard Collin say more than once, "okay! that's enough!" (can you tell he doesn't really care for squash?) before we finally focused their attention on the gourds.

The gourds were plentiful, all different shapes and colors and sizes.

By the end of our trip we had big tall orange pumpkins, smaller green pumpkins, a round red pumpkin, LOTS of butternut squash, a few acorn squash, tiny orange and white mini-pumpkin gourds, long curvy yellow gourds, squat little dark green ones, and some (hope to become bird houses) light green ones.

The boys were happy with their loot. We were happy with the price. And with the power of the DVR we made it home in time to catch up with the game, which made everyone happy!


Amanda said...

Last year for Halloween I did spooky mac n cheese (shaped like ghosts, etc) and mummy hot dogs (hot dogs wrapped in breadstick dough (the tube stuff). It was cute :)

CAS said...

Wow- that is a lot of pumpkins, squash and gourds! can't beat the price though!

Jill said...

OMG these pics are adorable!! And where did Baby Nolan go???!! That child needs to quit growing or I need to get up and visit him cause he's not a baby anymore!! :)

Easy ideas for Halloween dinner:
- Use a Halloween cookie cutter to shape something they like (i.e., turkey sandwich meat, quesadillas, cheese etc.
- Orange jello - cut into pumpkin shapes with a cookie cutter
- Pizza burgers and cut a pumpkin face into the cheese slice before you melt it on the burger
- Pillsbury breadsticks - cut slits in the ends and roll them to look like bones, put a little Kosher salt on them and bake according to instructions
- Make pancakes for dinner and add Halloween sprinkles (we also add sprinkles to yogurt to dress it up a bit!)

Good luck!

Sarah said...

Do you have favorite recipes you use with the squash? Elli loves her squash and would love ideas to make it more of a meal for her. Seeing the pictures of the leaves changing makes me miss having seasons!