Friday, September 13, 2013

Vacation Journaling 2013: Day 6 - a fever'ish boy and a stroll into town

Thursday, August 22nd

I knew this was bound to happen, that by putting off writing these daily entries I would stumble upon a day that the details were fuzzy.  Thursday, Day 6 of our vacation, is that day.

I do remember this, we had planned on going to Colonial Michilimackinac to tour the fort and fur trading village.  I was really looking forward to this since those raccoon hats were such a hit with the boys.  Since this fort is right in town, only about 3 miles from the beach house, we had a leisurely morning and had no set plans on when we were going to head out. I'm pretty certain there was probably a movie are two playing throughout the morning as we all shuffled through breakfast and getting ready.

When I headed back to change clothes and brush my teeth Hutty followed me.  He seemed a little out of sorts and his shoulders were kind of slumped forward.  I picked him up and set him on the bed, "do you feel okay?" I asked him.  And then I touched is forehead.  I got the thermometer out, but really there was no need, a Mama knows a fever by the touch.  I gave him some Tylenol, laid him down and went to get ready, when I came back in the room he was out.

I headed out into the living room, sat next to Ember and broke the news, "I don't think we're going to be able to go - Hutt has a fever." 

So we shifted plans around, Em and Drew and the girls headed into town while Hutton napped and I figured this would be a good time to take Keaton in to look for some sweatshirts.  So Keaton and I ate a quick lunch (I do remember this little detail because I had to change shirts before we went since I spilled on my first one) and then strolled through the shops.  He found a sweatshirt and we found the boys matching t-shirts.  Then we headed into a bookstore because every night before bed I would take the kids out on the deck and read them a different book from the house.  The night before I had read them The Legend of the Loon  and I had absolutely fallen in love.  I knew that book needed to come home with us.  Happily, I found a copy of the book and while I was searching Keaton found a deer crossing sign.  He had been reluctant to spend any of his money up until this moment but that sign, it stole his heart.  I pulled his envelope out of my purse and like a big boy he walked up to the counter and handed the lady some money.  And he was so excited because "Hutt!  I gave her money and she gave me money BACK!" (the change.)

The other highlight of our trip into town was seeing this live statute.  He was so good and drew a pretty big crowd.

After picking up some more popcorn and fudge we made our way back to the house.  By this time Hutt was up and feeling better and Nolan had also napped so before dinner we threw the boys into the car and headed back into town.  This time, our main mission was to find some ice cream.

In the weeks leading up to vacation Collin and I, on multiple occasions, wanted to stop somewhere for ice cream but more times than not we said "no, we'll be eating plenty of ice cream on vacation."  I dreamed of a daily ice cream rendezvous. Sadly, this was the FIRST ice cream outing of our trip! (Not acceptable!)

Keaton had black cherry, Hutton some sort of vanilla speckled rainbow (maybe bubble gum?), Collin had strawberry cheesecake, I had Mackinac Island fudge, and sweet Nolan went from bowl to bowl stealing tastes from everyone; and most likely winning the prize of 'most ice cream consumed'.

After ice cream the boys played on the play set and caught up with Lucy and Lily on the slides.  We popped our heads into a couple more shops and then we headed home for dinner.

One of the best things about renting the house is that we could make dinner every night.  We traded off with Em and Drew planning meals so every night was something tasty.  I *think* it was Thursday night that I headed down to the beach with the boys while Collin grilled up steak and potatoes. I'm also pretty sure that this was the day that the lake was pretty rough and we couldn't head very far out in fear of someone being knocked over.  Despite a storm rolling in, the afterglow of the sunset was gorgeous.

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