Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Vacation Journaling 2013: Day 5 - More Beach & Heritage Village

Wednesday, August 21st

After our big island outing on Tuesday we didn't really have any plans for Wednesday. And when there were no plans the kids had no trouble determining what it is that wanted to do: spend time on the beach. My morning was a bit rough, I can not stay up that late any more and my body basically said, in no uncertain terms, stay in bed. So while Collin wrangled children in the morning I slept in until probably 9 am. Once I did get up and get going we got those suits on and headed down to the water. There was more sand castle buildings to be tended to and I believe it was this day the moats were perfected.  After they worked for awhile on their castles we rounded up the kids and went for a walk down shore.  We headed south, mostly just to be nosy and check out some of the properties further down the road. As we walked along Keaton was by Collin's side out in the water, Nolan was on my hip, and Hutton was up with me on shore, picking up every single feather and interesting shell he found.  By the time we made it back to the beach house his arms were brimming with goodies.  Some of those feathers were used to decorate their castles while others made there way into a basket to bring home with us. The large feathers he was finding on the beach were mostly from seagulls, beautiful snow-white, not something we find here in turkey land.  While at the time it felt like Hutt's feather gathering was going.....a tad overboard....I'm so thankful we have those home with us now. And it makes me laugh every time I think of Hutt running after any bird he saw land on shore, certain it would leave a feather for him (and what do you know, usually he did find one!)

Later in the afternoon the adults all decided that we would head back into town for a bit of shopping before dinner.  Unfortunately, when we called the kids in from the beach they thought it would be funny to grab the hose and try to spray us and then repeatedly run back to the sand and get filthy after they had just been cleaned up. Collin and I played along for awhile, we really did.  "They're just kids" we said. "Let them have fun" we said.  But when we had had enough no one listened, no one calmed down, and then I'm pretty sure Mama got sprayed with the hose.  And just like that our trip into town (which they really wanted) was canceled!

Since we still had some time to kill before dinner and we knew they really needed to get out of the house for a bit, instead we headed down the road to Heritage Village while Em and Drew and the girls took a drive into town.  

It looks and sounds like this would be a really neat place to visit, but unfortunately when we got there it was closed.  You could still walk around the ground and peer into the buildings, but couldn't go in to tour them.  We enjoyed walking around the old buildings anyway and the kids got to run off some steam, so that was good.  By far, their favorite part was playing in these wigwams.  

We all reconvened at home in time to order pizza from the Pizza Palace (it was good!) and have a quiet night at the house - reading books, watching movies, and downloading police scanner apps (hahaha, remember the dream talk from the night before???) While the night was enjoyable, it is with great disappointment that I realize neither Em nor I don't have a picture of the sunset from Wednesday evening.

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Em said...

I wonder if this is the evening that Drew and I accidentally fell asleep after putting the girls to bed, and by the time we came downstairs, we'd missed the sunset? I'm guessing it must've been. :(