Monday, September 30, 2013

corn maze or apple orchard?

It was our Pick Your Adventure Day: Corn Maze or Apple Orchard?  Without hesitating Keaton yelled out "Corn Maze!"

I think Hutt was leaning more towards Apple Orchard, but when it comes down to it, he'll do anything that big brother of his wants to do. So, corn maze it was...

We got there around 2 pm, signed in, took a look at the aerial map and then entered through the fence and onto the first path.  We weaved in and out, ran into a handful of dead ends but finally found our way to the first question.

The questions are posted to give you a clue as to where to go - straight, left, back - there are no answers just more dead ends if you are wrong.  The first question was about the lowest recorded temp in Wisconsin, the answer led us back one path.  We had the answer right, but once we got into the circle with shoots coming from all which ways we thought we had tried them all, so we headed back. Two more dead ends and we knew we HAD to be right....or were we?  We back tracked and after about 40 minutes in the field we wound up back at the starting gate.  

We took a breather, grabbed a water, and studied the map again.  We had been right with our answer, but we missed one shoot, one very important shoot.  

So back in we went, Collin was confident after having looked at the map again he could get us about 2/3 of the way though and he did!  But this is a BIG field and that was a difficult map and by the time we got to the last third of the maze we were confused again.

We came to the question about the cheese and there was a group congregated, they googled the answer and discovered it is 10 lbs, so to the left we all went.  But then came another intersection and then another and the grouped thinned; one family going this way, one going that.  It was just us again and we kept running into dead ends.  We came back to that cheese question two or three times to get our bearings, finally we even PHONED A FRIEND to confirm that was the answer (it was) (I'm sure you can guess who we called) (He didn't have to look it up) (Thanks Mullins!) 

Intersection by intersection we sent out a scout (Collin) to see if it led anywhere and one after another he would come back to say, not this way. He wanted to get back to the circle we had hit early though, we had run into a group there and they said it was a no-go, but if I can give you any Corn Maze advice it would be do not take someone else's word for it. Sure enough, the circle we had turned around on 30 minutes earlier led us out.

The big boys were troopers.  They kept up as well as they could and entertained themselves with silk collection when they got bored. Meanwhile, Nolan (who isn't feeling good) slept on my chest.  Two and a half hours.  TWO AND A HALF HOURS it took us, but we did it!

The owner told us only 5-10% of people actually make it all the way through.  The other 90%?  Well, they either 1) come out the start, 2) short cut through the rows or 3) he has to go get them.

After the maze we went on a hayride, watched some pig races, and pet the animals.  Nolan woke up and declared his love for the goats (he's definitely my kid!) (haha, kid! Get it!) And after the boys had popsicles and popcorn we piled in the car and headed home.  We were all a bit exhausted, the big boys fell asleep in the car for the night, but that maze, as difficult as it was, is definitely going to be a highlight of the season.


CAS said...

OMG- the pic of the boys- had me looking twice.. they are getting so tall! I can't believe how big they look, no more little boys!

Amanda said...

Very cute! We also did a corn maze on Saturday however much smaller :)

Daniela M. said...

those pics are amazing!! I wish there were corn mazes in Las Vegas.. lol. Not that many attractions for the little ones here. So glad you guys had a great time :)

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