Monday, August 26, 2013

Vacation Journaling 2013: Mackinaw City, Michigan

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. We spent last week at a beach house in Mackinaw City, Michigan with our friends, Ember and Drew and their two little girls. Today we will be re-entering reality, heading back to work and preparing for the return of school.  While the sounds of the waves crashing on shore and the views of the crystal blue lake are gone, the impression this place left on us and the memories we made will live in our hearts forever.  

To say we had a great vacation would be a gross understatement.  It was fantastic, marvelous, wonderful... so, so wonderful. Of course, vacationing with children is still vacationing with children.  We still had our share of meltdowns and fighting. There were still timeouts issued (one on the very streets of Mackinaw City) and accidents when someone didn't make it to the potty.  And if you were really lucky your baby might decide to drink body soap during bath time and proceed to project-tile vomit all over his big brothers, mid-bath.  

But all of that aside, the house, the views, the lake. The days spent on the beach and the days exploring new places.  Oh my.  I'm having a hard time putting into words how much love we have for this place.

I had every intention of journaling while we were gone; of writing these posts as they were happening.  But I found when we got there I didn't want to.  When I had free time I didn't want to be tied to a computer.  I wanted to grab my book and head for a beach chair. Or sit on the deck laughing with friends as we watched the sun go down. Or curl up on the couch and stuff my face with buffalo wild wing popcorn (oh yes!) And while a part of me might regret waiting to write these posts, surely they'll be details I'll miss, a bigger part of me needed to disconnect. I feel more relaxed right now then I have in a very, very long time; and for that I'm ever grateful.

While there were so many things I loved about this trip, of course there are always just a few regrets.

* We never made it to the lighthouse.  But instead of being sad I'm telling myself, next time - because I can't imagine never returning to this place, there has to be a next time.

* I'm seriously disappointed in our ice cream consumption.  One time?  One time?  That is not acceptable for vacation.

* Ember surprised me with the most awesome floppy sunhat and I wish I had worn it more and that we had gotten a picture together wearing them.  The day I did wear it down to the beach it was windy and I was so afraid it would blow into the water. 

But that's it.  That's about where my regrets end.  

I'm going to spend the next several days posting about our trip to document this vacation. And I'm likely going to spend the next several weeks, months maybe, dreaming about this place that felt like so much like "home".


Em said...

Where's the "Love" button? :) I can't wait to read your posts and see the pics you took. It'll be like re-living vacay all over again. I'm glad that, in the grand scheme of things, our regrets are few. We had such a wonderful time...made so many awesome you guys bunches and miss you already!

Anonymous said...

Aw, I'm so happy you guys all had such a great time. That's exactly how vacation is supposed to be. I hope that both of your families have many more vacations together! I can't wait to see more pics. I want to know more aobut the beach house. I would love to do that sometime!


Tracy Over said...

Love the house! Glad you had fun