Friday, August 30, 2013

Vacation Journaling 2013: Day 3 - Shopping in Mackinaw City

Monday, August 19th

Our original plans were to head to the island on Monday morning.  After a day spent at home, on the beach, on Sunday we thought the kids might want a little adventure.  Unfortunately, ummm, when Monday morning came the adults were not quite feeling up to an all-day outing. I have no idea why that might be (who drinks apple juice and tequila?) So instead, we decided to push the island trip back to Tuesday and we hung out at the house on Monday morning.  There may have been some naps taken and movies watched, but we're not telling...

After lunch and quiet time we all decided we needed to get out of the house for just a bit.  We packed up the cars and headed the three miles into town, Mackinaw City, to check out the strip. We had no particular destination in mind but we knew we wanted to get some sweatshirts, so we were scoping out the stores for the best looking clothing (Em and I quickly narrowed that down to Harobr Wear/Color Wear). The kids, of course, spotted the toy/souvenir stores rather quickly.

The boys had been gifted with some money to spend on vacation (thank you!  You know who you are!) and we had a talk with them about how they could pick out whatever they wanted, but once the money was gone, it was gone, Mom and Dad wouldn't be buying anymore (except for shirts, because they actually need those for school). Nolan, of course, has no clue what we are talking about, but the big boys, I think they got it.  I will admit I swayed them out of spending money on complete junk that they found at the first stop and after that Keaton seemed uninterested in spending his money.  At the kite store Hutt found a tractor that he really wanted and he picked it up and put it back and picked it up again and finally I moved Keaton and Nolan out of the store while Collin talked to Hutton about spending his money.  When they emerged Hutton was proudly holding his little green bag, tractor tucked safely inside.  And he was happy.

We moseyed up and down the strip a bit more and before heading home we made a run into the Mackinaw City Popcorn Factory. Popcorn from floor to ceiling in just about any color and flavor you can imagine.  Keaton picked green, I believe it was candy apple. Hutton, surprisingly, passed up blue for a chocolate/caramel/plain mix called Chunky Monkey, and Collin and I picked out English Toffee for the baby. And for $2 more we got a gigantic sized butter popcorn.   Mouths were full and bellies were happy as we made our way back home for dinner.

After the sun went down and the kids were in bed the four of us retired to the living room, buffalo wing popcorn in hand (Yes! So, so good!) (Thanks for sharing, Em!) and The Shawshank Redemption on t.v. Finally feeling like ourselves again, we passed on the booze for the evening.

Okay, fine, there may have been one glass of wine.

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