Friday, August 16, 2013

summer colds are the worst

The sniffles started with the two littlest late last week.  Nothing too serious though because we went to our nephew's birthday party on Saturday and I never once thought, maybe we shouldn't take them. 


On Sunday morning though Keaton was rolling around at the foot of our bed (all three seem to be making there way in there these last several nights) when he yelled out, "why does it huuuuuuurt?"   What hurts? I asked him. "My throooooat." I knew in an instant that the germs had found their way back into our house.

I went to church Sunday morning and by the time I got home I also had a sore throat.  We laid low that day hoping maybe, maybe! we could fight this off.

But, no.  By Monday morning I was worse and Keaton was still pretty miserable.  The younger two seemed to be getting over their sniffles though, so that was a good sight.  Keaton and I took a 2 1/2 hour nap that morning and he woke up feeling better. I, on the other hand, felt like death.

Monday afternoon the boys asked if we could play outside and I tried to explain that no, Mommy, just doesn't feel well enough to go outside.  

"But, Mom" Keaton said, "I don't feel well either, but I still want to go outside." Ahhh, good logic, boy, go get your shoes on.

I will admit, it did feel nice to be outside, even if I ached from head to toe.  Seriously, from head. to. toe.  I can't remember the last time I felt this awful. It was while we were outside that I noticed Nolan drooling and I started to worry.  He hadn't been coughing and his nose wasn't running too bad, I had hoped he was going to get through this set of germs without getting croup.

Monday night we stuck the boys in the car and went for a "country ride." We've been doing this a lot this summer when we really don't have the energy to deal with bed time.  I'm sure it is a horrible habit to have started but I don't think we care.  We drive around, the boys looks for deer and cows and cool barns and we talk about the future and slowly, slowly, they all start to drift off.  

When we got home that night Papa and Busha called to ask if they could keep the boys for a sleepover on Tuesday night, so we could celebrate our anniversary.  Of course we said YES!  OHMYGOSH, YES!! The boys were thrilled and packed their bags all by themselves on Tuesday morning.  I was a little concerned about Nolan; by morning the rest of us were feeling better while he was the same to worse.

Despite Nolan's really bad night on Tuesday Papa and Busha managed (Thank you!!) and we had a nice date night.  On Wednesday morning we ran a few errands and in the afternoon headed over to pick up the boys. The moment I saw him I knew we needed to get into the doctor.  Nolan has been diagnosed with RAD (reactive airway disease) and this poor boy just can't seem to fight off the cold germs.  Every single cold turns into something serious with him.  So we're back on a strict regimen of steroids and breathing treatments.  We also came home with an inhaler this time and have been given orders to start him on the nebulizer the minute we see a sign of a cold going forward.

The highlight of the week for these guys (well, in addition to having a sleepover at Busha and Papa's) was attending a back-to-school event at the Moose where they got a bunch of supplies, played games, and had their faces painted like tigers.  I took them into the store like this and growled (politely) at people to get laughs and then they came home to play tigers and, of course, set their own tiger trap. There have been lots of various animal traps set around here lately.  A fox, a bear, and now, a tiger.  They check them religiously.

Nolan says, well, I'm glad you all are having fun because I think this whole week can die a firey death.

In happy news, as soon as Nonie wakes up I need to assess him again because if he isn't making an improvement then we need to head back to the doctor today, because, guess what?  Tomorrow? Tomorrow we head on vacation!  Mackinac Island, here we come! (Actually, we are staying in Mackinaw City, but if you ask the boys were we are going it is always, always, Mack-i-nac i-yand!) We have all been looking forward to this for a very, very long time. Hopefully you will hear from me from the road. But, if not, wishing you all a great weekend and coming week.


Anonymous said...

Oh poor baby boy! I hope he feels better and you can all enjoy the much needed family vacation away! Enjoy your trip. When we traveled there in June, it was amazing! The kids loved every second of it. We will for sure head back. Safe travels Kono's!


amanda said...

Poor Nonie...he takes after this auntie ;). Hoping he's feeling better very soon! I can't wait to see your pics from vacation! Give all my boys a hug for me!

Canadian Atheist said...

Happy anniversary and I hope the little ones feel better soon. Great pictures!