Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We'll be 4th of Julying

This guy turned three (THREE!!!) on Friday and we celebrated on Saturday "down on the farm." I love party planning but party preparing is another story.  The stress. The (inevitable) heartaches. With each one I swear it is the last.  And then I saw the look on his face and the squeals of joy when he saw me hanging the  farmers hats and bandannas and I knew right then we'd be doing this again next year. I know it is worth it.  It's worth it because it makes them so happy.

I was hoping to write his birthday party post before we left but a couple of stressful days at work followed by lots of packing and cleaning to do tonight and I'm afraid it will have to wait.  Why?  Because we have some 4th of Julying to do.

Parades.  Fireworks. Snowshoe baseball!  Swimming at the lake. Paddle boating. Fishing.

We're heading up to the cabin for an extended weekend and we're all just a bit excited.  

The 4th of July activity I'm most looking forward to??  The parade.  I'm not exactly sure why, except that we don't see many parades and last year's was so fun.  A big congrats goes out to Amanda who guessed correctly and will (hopefully) get her star pick in the mail tomorrow!

Wishing you all a fun and happy 4th of July!


CAS said...

Have a blast!!!! Enjoy and relax and sleep and just enjoy the beauty of the outdoors!

Tracy Over said...

Happy Birthday!!