Friday, July 19, 2013

this is summer

The room was darker than usual when I felt his little hand on my back.  The two younger boys had joined us at some point during the night and while I didn't know exactly what time it was I knew it had to be after 6 am because my alarm had already gone off.  I scooted over and he climbed up next to me, a somewhat surprising move as he usually wants me to get up and get moving. It was the dark, the dreariness, I'm sure.  While normally this may make for a depressing day this morning the dark meant one thing: the rain had come.  Relief was here!

This week has been miserable, weather-wise, as I'm pretty sure it has been for most of you as well.  Well, except for Sarah, living in south-Texas who is reading this and thinking, Babies!  We do this everyday! :) But for us mid-westerners oh!  it has not been fun. Collin has been roofing this entire week and every morning I help him load the kids into the car and look at him and ask, how can you work in this??!!

On Wednesday morning Kira called and asked if we'd like to meet her and the kids at the splash pad, something we've been meaning to do all summer and yes, it felt like the perfect day for some wet and water. The kids had a blast running from one spray thing to the next. Even Nolan, who hasn't been quite as thrilled about water as the other two, had a huge smile on his face. There were a couple of breaks for snacks and then more running and playing and we finished the afternoon with ice cream cones and a train ride.

As I piled three damp, worn out kids back into the car I thought: this is summer.  Yes, there is heat and humidity and sweating, oh, so much sweating, but there is also swim trunks and sunshine and ice cream cones. And really, who doesn't love an ice cream cone?


Gail Harper said...

You have rain? We're still sweltering here on the other side. Send that rain over the big lake would you?

Looks like the boys had a great time! Don't you just love that time in the water just tuckers them right out! :)

Kate said...

Hold on tight, Gail! I think it is coming for you guys.

Jill said...

Oh - that looks like SO much fun! I have to agree, our kids have been enjoying the blow up pool in the back yard with this heat! And the heat and the water definitely does wonders for their sleepiness! Agree - swimsuits and ice cream - doesn't get more summer than that! Hoping for Collin's sake we get a little weather relief soon!