Monday, July 29, 2013

The Nature Trails

Come for a walk with me...

out to the land behind our house that we used to call our "back acreage."

It's still our back acreage, but for a period of time this spring it was known as the "tractor trails."

And now, it is mostly just referred to as " The Nature Trails."

While the boys run and weave in and out of the loops, we come back here to plot and plan.

And when our minds are exhausted from all the planning, from all of the trying to figure out the future...

we come back here for the quiet.

To look for butterflies, listen to the birds, and feel the breeze.

After a walk through here I promise you, you will come out feeling refreshed.

These pictures were all taken at the end of June.

The purple cow vetch in these shots have been replaced by pasture thistle.

The common milkweed had bloomed and the Indian paintbrushes and prairie cinquefoil have come and gone.

We are awaiting the blooms from the mullein and the next set of milkweed, hoping to properly identify its type.

The boys have eaten the majority of the black caps...

and so these days they are more concerned with finding the latest deer bed and deer trails.

We all have our reasons for walking these trails (nearly) daily...

but I think at the center of it all is to be filled with the peace that nature always seems to provide.

Wishing you all a peaceful start to your week.


Jill said...

Love it! I needed that - thank you!!

CAS said...

Love these pics and your trails do look so peaceful. Your so blessed to have these right in your backyard!

Tracy Over said...

Very peaceful!