Thursday, July 11, 2013

good to be home

Can't catch my breath.

That's how I would describe these last four weeks.  

School ended the first week of June and we had one week off before our summer schedule began: Monday night swimming lessons, Wednesday morning swimming lessons, Thursday evening t-ball.

It's not that much and yet, it totally threw us for a loop.  

The first week of a new schedule is always bound to be difficult.  The second week was also birthday party preparation week.  The third week was our 4th of July mini-vacation. And here we are, in the fourth week which included a rushed deadline and required me to be in Milwaukee for work.

So, we have yet to find our groove.

Our Fourth of July was spent going to the parade, watching a Snowshoe baseball game, and staying up late for fireworks.  The boys, again, loved the fireworks.  Even Nolan sat still for the first 45 seconds (that's a long time!)

We got home on Sunday afternoon and as soon as we walked in the door Keaton sighed and said: It's good to be home.  He repeated that sentiment no less than half a dozen times before the car was unpacked.

As I sit here mentally frazzled from the past four weeks I find myself looking forward to the slower-paced weekend ahead and hoping we can find some much needed down time to finally regroup and recharge.  It's in moments like these that I have to wholeheartedly agree with my four year old;  sometimes it's just good to be home.

Wishing you all a nice weekend.


Jill said...

Totally understand that feeling! Love your pictures! :)

Gail Harper said...

It's always good to be home! Love the pics - the one of Nolan! Sometimes when I look at him, I see half Hutt and half Keats all mixed into little Nolan. We too have yet to find our summer groove, I'll prolly spot it around mid August and just get into it about the time school starts...

CAS said...

Just love these pictures!!! Missing the boys!!

Kristal said...

What great pictures!