Monday, June 24, 2013

Makings for the Birthday Boy

We are four days from Hutton's 3rd birthday; five days from his 3rd birthday party.  

A month or so ago I asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he requested one thing:

"A crown like Keaton's"

(I haven't yet written about Keaton's 4th birthday back in December - it's on the list - but if we're friends on Facebook you may have seen the picture of it.)

He wanted a birthday crown.  Okay, sweet boy, I will make you a crown.

We considered also getting him a wooden barn, since the boys love playing farm with their tractors and animals, but after a recent trip to Menards, where Hutt had the time of his life playing in a little toy house, we changed our minds.  

Collin and I had driven separate so he was able to haul the paving stones home and after I got the boys back in the car and heading home Hutton inquisitively asked "Is Daddy bringing home a house?  I really, really want one of those houses."

And so the plan for a cabin house was born. 

Collin and I have both been working on his gifts - the crown is complete and the house just needs a couple more things to finish it (Collin has also been busy working on the boys' swing set.) 

Unfortunately there won't be a big birthday present opening on his special day, he has already seen and tried on the crown, and the boys have been busy helping Collin put the finishing touches on the house, but that's no matter, he is one happy birthday boy just the same.


Gail Harper said...

That is TOTALLY the BEST birthday present EVER! Can you be my parents?

Amanda said...

That is AWESOME!!! The boys are going to be so bummed...we'll have to come soon :)

Operion M'Sia said...

Nice present!

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Tracy Over said...

Awesome gift!

Kristal said...

Incredible! What a lucky boy!