Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A 4th of July Guessing Game

This aloe plant sits on our kitchen windowsill.  It's just an aloe plant, yes, but it holds special meaning to me.  See, long ago, pre-fire, my friend Sharaa gave me some starts from her aloe plant. Those starts sat in a pot on my desk in my office and they grew and grew and grew.  When they were getting too big for the pot I pulled some out and handed off starts to some of our family and friends; my mom received one of those starts.  

I lost my aloe plant in the fire.  I remember staring in through the broken glass the day after, my plant stand toppled to the ground, covered in soot, and I wondered if I could save those little guys.  But it was fruitless, they had been too damaged with the water than they sat out overnight in the freezing cold.  My plants were gone.

But this little plant, this little plant that long ago sat on my desk, came back to me (from my mom) and it's just as big as ever.  In fact, it's due to be replanted, with starts to be sent off to more family and friends.  It sits on my windowsill and it reminds me, gently, peacefully, happily, of our old home.  

But this wasn't really supposed to be a post about my aloe plant, the purpose was.....oh yes, it's that time, another Holiday Guessing Game!!

I didn't think I was going to have one for the Fourth of July, I've been looking in stores at their decorations and nothing just hit me as I love this, I need to have this.  Until, UNTIL, I found this little star pick.  I had a pick (in this same aloe plant) for Valentine's Day and I loved it so much.  So when I happened upon this star I picked it up, and I picked one up for one of you too. It's our only Fourth of July decoration in the house, and I'm so happy to have something festive. 

I usually do guessing games about the kids, but this time it's going to be about me...first person to correctly guess which Fourth of July festivity I am most looking forward to will win this little guy. 

Comment here, Facebook, Twitter, wherever you'd like (I haven't been on Twitter or FB lately, but I will go check those!)  And then!  Tell me which festivity YOU are most looking forward to!  I'm looking forward to hearing your answers.

I'll be out birthday party preparing on Friday and plan to swing by the post office so you'll have this in time for the holiday. Happy Guessing!


Amanda said...

My guess is the parade

Mama B said...

Snowshoe baseball ;)

Jill said...

Fireworks!!!! :)

Jill said...

Oh and that is my favorite activity. That and making firecracker cookies with the kids!!