Monday, April 29, 2013

A, TWO WEEKS of Nolan

Next Sunday, May 5th, my baby (My Baby!) turns one. One whole year old!  I can not even get over this.  I've found myself just staring at him lately as his lanky body lays next to me in bed and thinking he really is getting SO big.  It is definitely official, he is no longer a baby; he is very much one of the boys.  While he's still mastering the walking, he plops on his butt often, he's outside playing and inside walking through the halls just like the other two.

I had planned on making this a Week of Nolan - finally getting around to writing his birth story, baptism letter, etc. but I've got some deadlines at work this week and that coupled with the work to get ready for his party (his fiesta party!) I think finding the time to sit down and write is going to be difficult.  So instead, we're going to have TWO weeks of Nolan.  This week I'll share with you some photos from his newborn, 3-mo, 6-mo, 9-mo and 1-year sessions - he'll grow up right before our eyes - and next week I'll get down to writing.

And since I don't have any of his newborn pictures uploaded yet, this intro post will have to be the kick off of our Two Weeks of Nolan. I'll be back tomorrow to spend two weeks celebrating this third baby of ours.

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