Wednesday, March 6, 2013

workin' on it

I do this all the time, I say I’m going to post something and then I don’t actually do it.  I really did have good intentions of putting the pictures of the new house up this week but, well, I haven’t actually taken all the pictures yet.  I thought I’d have a chance to do that today; I also thought I was going to do our taxes today and get caught up on laundry.  Instead, today had other plans.  Last night really, it started around 4 pm when Keaton was complaining of a stomach ache.  By the time Collin pulled in the driveway he was covered in puke, the car seat was covered in puke, all the crap on the floor of the car was covered in puke.  (Pro tip: if you keep your car looking like a pigsty the upside is the puke doesn’t actually hit your upholstered floor.  Bonus!)

Instead of getting things done today, we had a sick day.  Keaton spent the majority of the day on the couch, recuperating and he seems to be pulling through – we haven’t had any more puke or diarrhea since last night.

Every single one of us took a nap today and I was hoping the afternoon would be looking up.  Hahaha….10 minutes after 3:00 Collin woke me up; he was holding a baby out to me, a baby who had just thrown up on him.  As I was holding Nolan he vomited again, all over me.  I changed shirts only to have sweatshirt #2 soaked through.  He puked for almost three hours straight.  I’m actually worried about him.  He’s sleeping now but when we put him to bed he still wasn’t holding anything down; I tried droppers of Pedialyte only to have it come back up. It seems to have been just a 24-hour thing with Keaton, so I’m hoping by morning he is better.  If not, I’ll be calling his Ped.

So the pictures of the house?  I’m workin’ on them.  In the meantime, here are some pictures of the boys workin’ at the job site this summer. These are dated June 13th, but really they could have been taken any one of our many days out here.


Amanda said...

Oh no!!! Poor babies and mama/daddy! I'm thinking you might be a no for Sunday :( See how everyone is....get well!

Gail Harper said...

All in due time. :)

Though I never mind photos of these cuties!

Hope this new bug clears out soon. Feel better Kono Big Boys. ;)

CAS said...

I hope eveyone is feeling better today! Hugs your way!